Diabetes is eaten according to the 8 recommendations given by the authoritative guide in China.

The Chinese Nutrition Society released the “China Diabetes Dietary Guidelines (2017)” during the recent 13th National Nutrition Science Conference, which launched eight dietary recommendations:

Eat, balance, rational use of drugs, control blood sugar, achieve or maintain a healthy weight control waist circumference, prevent abdominal obesity, male waist circumference of no more than 90 cm, women no more than 85 cm. The adult BMI should be controlled between 18.5-23.9; regular exercise should be performed with aerobic exercise at least three times a week for no less than 20 minutes.

Second, the staple food quantitative, the thickness of the mix, whole grains, miscellaneous beans accounted for 1/3 of the staple food, whole grains, miscellaneous beans should account for one-third of the staple food intake.

Three, eat more vegetables, fruits, amount, variety, color should be diverse daily intake of vegetables 300-500 grams, dark vegetables account for more than 1/2, of which green leafy vegetables not less than 70.

Four, eat fish and poultry, eggs and meat, and limit the processing of meat, eat fish, shrimps, crabs and poultry, meat and meat, reduce the intake of fat; no more than 4 eggs per week, Or one egg every two days, do not abandon the egg yolk; limit the intake of processed meat products such as pickling, baking, and smoking.

V. Milk beans are available every day. Snacks and meals are reasonably selected to ensure daily intake of 300 grams of liquid milk or a considerable amount of dairy products. Snacks can be selected with a small amount of nuts.

Six, light diet, adequate drinking water, limit drinking, pay attention to less oil and less salt, adult cooking oil 25-30 grams per day, salt consumption does not exceed 6 grams. It is recommended to drink boiled water. Adults drink 1500-1700 ml per day. People with diabetes are not recommended to drink alcohol.

Recommended seven: regular quantitative, chewing slowly; pay attention to the order of regular meals, control the meal speed, 15-20 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the middle of dinner. Change the order of eating, first eat vegetables, then eat meat, and finally eat staple food.

Recommendation 8: Focus on self-management, regular acceptance of individualized nutrition guidance, including self-management including diet control, regular exercise, medication according to doctor’s advice, blood glucose monitoring, foot care, and prevention and treatment of high and low blood sugar. . Regularly receive individualized professional guidance from nutritionists and dietitians, at least four times a year.