Diabetes, how far away from you

diabetes, how far away from you

My blood sugar has had several problems in the past two years.

One afternoon three years ago, I drank a cup of instant coffee and ate three pieces of nougat. After that, I measured the blood sugar, which was about 8.7.

Since then, when I was drinking coffee, I only drank less than 60 kilocalories, and I never dared to eat so many nougat.

Two years ago, I was in Taiwan. I couldn’t find a delicious restaurant around the hotel. I had a salty and greasy glutinous rice at noon one day. The name was so good that the entrance was difficult to swallow, although I only ate a small portion of the afternoon. The blood sugar has reached 10.

I often measured blood sugar, and I must measure the blood sugar peak for half an hour and one hour.

I have measured the blood sugar peak when eating a large bowl of rice, or drinking a large bowl of porridge, and also measured the blood sugar peak when eating a lot of fruit, only about 7.

There is a study to observe the changes in blood sugar after normal people drink syrup or eat high GI food, and blood sugar can rise by about 3.5.

diabetes, how far away from you

I think blood sugar is high in some cases, perhaps because I am sensitive to certain foods .

Cell magazine said that everyone responds differently to food. Some foods, others eat low blood sugar, and some people eat high blood sugar.

But I think, maybe because my age is not big enough, I don’t have enough, and I have a lot of good habits.

I have some indicators that meet the criteria for high-risk groups: although not fat, BMI is 20.4 kg/m2, but there is a huge child production history, over 40 years old, the diet is not so regular, usually sitting quietly There are also more.

I didn’t make up my mind to do a glucose tolerance test until I recently bought my father an Abbott sensation.

The father has gained weight in recent years. This year’s physical examination of glycated hemoglobin was 6.2%, and fasting blood glucose was 6.3.

I think if you do a glucose tolerance test, he is most likely to have diabetes, so after he changed his eating habits, he bought him Abbott Instant.

I have to experience it for myself and I can use it with my father.

I was very hungry that night, I wanted to eat mooncakes, I didn’t sell it in the store, I bought a few desserts. However, the transient may not enter the working state on the first day, and the blood sugar fluctuations are good.

diabetes, how far away from you

After the installation, Abbott’s transients entered a good working condition and detected me. Blood sugar was high 1 hour after a meal.

At noon I ate rice, melon and two small chicken wings, and the blood sugar level was as high as 9.6.

diabetes, how far away from you

After one day, I had the remaining blood sugar at lunch and reached 9.8.

diabetes, how far away from you

I usually don’t have much time when I do it, so I monitor my daily diet.

Monitoring shows that my blood sugar is better at home, whether it is cooking or porridge. Even if you eat a lot of fruit, your blood sugar is not high.

diabetes, how far away from you

diabetes, how far away from you

I think I should have no diabetes, but whether it is abnormal glucose tolerance, it is hard to say, you need to use the OGTT gold standard to judge.

The results of the examination were: glycated hemoglobin 5.2%, fasting blood glucose 5.64, half hour blood glucose 9.38, 2-hour blood glucose 7.21, blood glucose fluctuation 3.74.

diabetes, how far away from you

Abbott’s transiently monitored blood glucose is delayed compared to venous blood, which is characterized by a later peak in blood glucose and a slower rate of decline. The blood sugar measured by the private glyco app also has varying degrees of delay.

At noon, I continued to do it, eating taro, milk and eggs, and the blood sugar was again high from the baseline.

I have two peaks of blood sugar over 9 this day.

In the course of the high blood sugar levels in these days, I basically have no work at the desk.

diabetes, how far away from you

At the same time, I showed a peak delay in insulin secretion, and the peak did not appear in half an hour, but in 1 hour.

Although the study found that normal people’s insulin secretion peak can be 1 hour, but after the 21st century study found that the peak is half an hour.

It’s better in half an hour.

Diabetes, how far away from you

diabetes, how far away from you

China has observed studies of normal blood glucose monitoring in normal people and found that their blood glucose curves fluctuated within a narrow range of 4–8. According to the data published by the study, the average fluctuation range was 1.31-2.69. After the meal, the blood sugar peak reached a level of 8.57.

Diabetes, how far away from you

Like sugar friends, I don’t really like to see more than 8 blood sugar Moreover, my insulin release test showed a peak delay in insulin secretion, and my sensitivity to insulin may have decreased.

Before, my younger teenage colleagues had abnormal glucose tolerance, and the hospital often took a quick drop in blood sugar after a meal.

I think I need to try some more.

I still eat the rice in the hospital at noon today. I rushed a cup of oligo-fructose and my blood sugar was not high. In the evening, I ate a taro, milk, and eggs, together with oligofructose, and the blood sugar was not high.

diabetes, how far away from you

Oligofructose has a dietary fiber-like effect and regulates the intestinal flora. From its effect on my blood sugar, I think it works like acarbose.

However, eating acarbose is a medicine, and eating oligofructine seems to be a health supplement.

I think the patient probably thinks so too. So they like to eat health products, do not like to take medicine. And I often advise them to pretend to take medicine as a health supplement or vitamin.

Either oligofructose or acarbose, both are costly.

In the prevention and long-term management of diabetes, diet control and regular exercise have always been effective, as well as saving money and insulin.

A young colleague who was worried about his or her islet function was also tested by the OGTT.

She glycosylated hemoglobin 5.3%, blood glucose at 5 time points is 5.6-7.7-6.7-6.26-5.8, insulin secretion peak at half an hour, very sensitive to insulin.

diabetes, how far away from you

Looking at the blood sugar of young people, you may know the difference in our physical condition and make up your mind Try to change.

Here, let’s talk to each other, pay attention to diet, increase exercise, and reduce blood sugar fluctuations.

And remind readers of the risk of developing diabetes, the prevalence of diabetes increases with age, the usual physical examination only check fasting blood glucose, half of the patients with diabetes are missed.

If you are already at high risk for diabetes, it is best to have OGTT to screen for diabetes.

If the diagnosis of diabetes is ruled out by the OGTT test, it should be reviewed every 3 years.

Don’t be afraid, but come on!