Diabetes Health Tea – Buckwheat Winter Tea

The color of the enamel is bright and attractive, and the taste is sweet. In ancient China, cockroaches were regarded as the general existence of “shen medicine”, which has many health-care effects. It is a veritable food and medicine ingredient. The Outline of the Catalogue has the following words: “Xunzi, Ganping and Run, sexually nourishing, can nourish the kidney, moisten the lungs, produce essence, and benefit Qi.” In Chinese medicine, it is widely used. Here is a detailed analysis of the efficacy of the sputum. .

Diabetes Health Tea – Buckwheat Winter Tea

diabetes health tea - buckwheat winter tea

Materials: 120 grams of wolfberry and 60 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus.

Production method: Maidong chopped, and divided into 10 portions with medlar, and loaded into 10 tea bags. Take 1 bag at a time. Brew in boiling water and pour off the water after 1 minute. Rinse into boiling water again, such as drinking after 20 minutes.

 Diabetes Health Tea - Buckwheat Winter Tea

Special Efficacy

Yangyin Shengjin It is suitable for daily health care for diabetic patients.

Health Benefits

Run the lungs and clear the heart and relieve dry stools.


Inject oxygen into the skin to improve the skin’s ability to metabolize.

Note: Don’t eat squid while drinking this tea.

 Diabetes Health Tea - Buckwheat Winter Tea