Diabetes exercise treatment, I am moving every day, how is blood sugar still high?

I insist on moving every day, how can this blood sugar still not go down?

“How do you exercise every day?”

“It’s just to clean up the room, the floor, wash clothes, buy food, cook, and haven’t spared!”

Diabetes exercise treatment, I am moving every day, how is blood sugar high?

Is it funny to listen?

Everyone thinks that even if they are moving every day,

In fact, this is a wrong understanding!

Diabetes exercise treatment, I am moving every day, blood sugar How is it still high?

Do housework be a substitute for sports?

Housework is a specific action required by labor and has certain limitations. For example, if you wash clothes, it only requires arms to move, and the action is limited to the hands, arms, shoulders, etc. Moreover, once this type of labor is too long, it can lead to reactions such as back pain. So, housework can’t exercise comprehensively and systematically on the body, and it can’t achieve a good sugar-regulating effect.

Does the movement be as good as possible?

Sports therapy refers to purposeful, regular, long-term physical exercise, which is different from general physical activity, and is not equivalent to manual labor. It needs to be developed under the guidance of professional physicians. Detailed individualized exercise prescriptions, and implemented in steps to achieve the purpose of treatment, not the more exercise the better, Especially for those with serious complications, excessive exercise may aggravate the condition!

diabetes exercise therapy, I am doing it every day In action, how is blood sugar still high?

Because of fatigue, do you not exercise?

Lack of power is a symptom of every sugar friend! Severe fatigue indicates that the sugar in the blood cannot enter the cells effectively, and the cells are seriously deficient in nutrition. In this case, exercise therapy is needed unless there are serious complications.

Is it necessary to exercise after taking medicine?

If you take the medicine, you must stick to exercise. Exercise can not only consume fat, maintain standard weight, but also a way of regulating sugar. Especially after exercise, it can effectively regulate blood sugar, and with medication, it can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

diabetic exercise therapy, I am doing it every day In motion, how is blood sugar still high?

I don’t feel comfortable with suspension?

When the body feels uncomfortable, stop exercising or reduce exercise, otherwise it will aggravate the condition and cause serious consequences. Especially when the fasting blood glucose is higher than 13.9mmol/L, and there are serious complications of heart, brain, kidney, eye, nerve and other systems, it is recommended to stop exercise exercise or consult a diabetes specialist to adjust exercise therapy because it is easy to cause diabetes. Ketoacidosis may aggravate the original complications.

What is the sport for sugar friends?

Under normal circumstances, the movement of sugar friends is mainly based on aerobic exercise (also known as endurance exercise), which is a kind of breathing that can enhance breathing. Cardiovascular function, improve metabolism, and correct exercise methods for blood sugar and dyslipidemia. The usual aerobic exercises include walking, running, cycling, climbing, boarding, boating, swimming, and more. Of course, sugar friends can also combine their own hobbies and hobbies to choose the right way to exercise according to local conditions.

If the sugar friend is older and has a poorer constitution, exercise should be performed with a small exercise intensity such as walking. If it can be carried out in a beautiful green environment, the natural atmosphere is more beneficial to physical and mental health. When walking, you should relax your body, look at the front, and swing your upper limbs naturally and rhythmically.

Diabetes exercise therapy, I am moving every day, blood sugar How is it still high?

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