Diabetes 2: Misunderstanding of diabetes treatment!

Many people think that diabetes is simply high blood sugar, as long as it lowers the sugar, but the fact is not the case. Only hypoglycemic and not cure is the unreasonable diagnosis of diabetes in modern medicine. Treatment means; insulin-promoting agents, insulin sensitizers and other drugs can control blood sugar levels, but the essence is the consumption and damage to the normal function of the human body!

Diabetes itself is not terrible, but its pathogenesis can not be underestimated to other tissues and organs in the body, even if the blood sugar level control is stable, the way to control sugar is not only Can delay this damage process, but this damage is still slow and unwavering!
diabetes 2: misunderstanding of diabetes treatment!

Glucose increase is only a symptom, pure sugar control can not treat diabetes, we must adjust the concept of diabetes treatment, while regulating blood sugar levels, In order to alleviate insulin resistance, combined with prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood viscosity and other risk indicators, with long-term stable blood sugar levels as a goal, reduce the complications of multiple organ tissues.

Of course, we are not recommending patients to discontinue hypoglycemic agents because they can only treat diabetes better if blood sugar levels are stable. In addition, there are some Things need more attention for people with diabetes:
diabetes 2: diabetes The misunderstanding of treatment!

First, the combination of drugs must be approved by the doctor, because there are many kinds of hypoglycemic drugs on the market, many drugs have names Different, but the ingredients are the same. If not used properly, it can easily lead to problems such as hypoglycemia, and even life-threatening; for example, the common drug for diabetes, “Xiai Pill”, which is a proprietary Chinese medicine, but it is Containing a certain amount of “glibenclamide”, if “Xiake Pills” and “Glyburide Tablets” are used together, it is easy to cause excessive use of drugs so that hypoglycemia shock causes serious consequences;
diabetes 2: misunderstanding of diabetes treatment!

Second, for hypoglycemic drugs In particular, sulfonylurea-based insulin secretagogues will gradually reduce their efficacy after prolonged use until they lose their effect. Therefore, diabetic patients taking such drugs should monitor their blood glucose levels in a timely manner. Preventing drug failure leading to disordered blood sugar levels;
diabetes 2: Misunderstanding of diabetes treatment!

Third, many patients are not satisfied with their blood sugar control, always feel that the drug is a problem, and even suspect the drug True and false, good or bad, they often change drugs, in order to find a “good medicine” that can have obvious curative effect on them, but this is not correct, because some hypoglycemic drugs must be fully effective for a period of time. To exert its hypoglycemic effect; frequently change drugs only Make blood sugar more difficult to control!
diabetes 2: misunderstanding of diabetes treatment!

In fact, the appearance of these misunderstandings also reflects our sense of powerlessness in the treatment of diabetes. The treatment of sugar control may be intentional or unintentional neglect. A helpless means! At the same time, this also reflects the lack of knowledge about diabetes prevention and treatment among diabetic patients, but in my opinion, it is mostly because the lack of scientific and educational propaganda is insufficient to cover all patients with the disease!

In short, please learn more about diabetes. Healthy life requires us to work hard together!

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