Desperate exercise + wrong diet = missed with thin

You must have seen people who exercise regularly, but who have not lost weight at all? Walking or jogging around the house every day, swimming or doing aerobics in the fitness center, but not thin at all, the body is not getting better. There are not many such people.

Desperately Exercise + Wrong Diet= No Skinny

There is also a DVD aerobics exercise, or running hard for a month or two and slimming down. As a result, it doesn’t take long before the body shape changes back to the previous state. This situation is also very common.

As we all know, to lose weight, you must ensure that you consume more calories than you consume. Therefore, those who have not lost weight after exercise are because they consume too much calories, and the amount of exercise they do not consume them. Maybe you will think, “I have been working so hard, why can’t I consume it?” In fact, it is this trap that leads to exercise and no weight loss. There is only one reason for losing weight, that is, “too much to eat.”

Desperate exercise + wrong diet= no skinny

In fact, everyone knows this truth, but why can’t he still control it? There are many reasons for this problem.

First of all, we don’t face up to the fact that we “eat too much”. How many calories does the food we eat in and how much business material does it contain? There are very few people who know this. Almost everyone does not know what is in the food they eat, just eat what they want to eat and eat what they think is delicious. Coupled with the so-called healthy foods and commodities promoted on TV, after we have eaten these things, we feel that we have become healthy, and that these foods are no longer guilty. In addition, there are people who do not care what they eat, and think that it is all right to digest food by exercise.

Unfortunately, the process of capacity metabolism is not as simple as we think. For example, we ingested 500 kilocalories of energy, but we were unable to consume it through 500 kilocalories of exercise. The calorie calculations we have listed are actually not completely accurate, but since many people don’t even have a concept of calorie units other than calories, it is helpful to use calories as a reference standard. Of course, you can’t rely too much on calories, which would lead us into another misunderstanding.

We have emphasized many times above. If you become fat, then it is because there are problems with your eating habits. I want to solve this problem through exercise, and I don’t really have the right medicine. I can even say that I am avoiding the problem. Here again I emphasize again: eating habits are the main cause of obesity. It is unrealistic to consume the energy that is eaten by exercise alone. Not only does exercise not consume a lot of calories, it also makes our products a sense of accomplishment and the illusion that we are getting thinner. After all, sports is actually a trap.

For example, a person weighing 50 kilograms runs for 30 minutes at an hourly rate of 8,000 kilograms and consumes 200 kilocalories. In addition to a lot of sweat after exercise, this person can get a very great sense of accomplishment. Therefore, this person intends to eat, drink and drink to treat himself, because he feels that since he has exercised so much, it does not matter if you eat more.

Then we will analyze it ourselves. It can only consume 200 kilocalories for 30 minutes. And 1 kilogram of body fat contains 7200 kilocalories of energy, even if you run for 30 minutes a day, only 6,000 kilocalories of energy is consumed for one month. These energy are not enough to lose 1 kilogram of body fat. In other words, the effect of running for 30 minutes every day is just that.

If we eat more because of the sense of accomplishment after exercise, then we can easily replenish it with only 200 kilocalories of energy consumed by exercise, only one sweet bread or half a bag of nut snacks. .

It only needs to be as simple as this, and the energy consumed by the exercise is added back. If you exercise a lot today, treat yourself to a little bit of dessert, or eat chocolate that you haven’t dared to eat. The day’s exercise is all in vain, and the reason why you can’t reduce it by doing it.

There is another cause of weight loss failure. If this exercise is not possible, then another exercise. Many people who fail to lose weight will try to swim when they hear that swimming is more calories than running. But the calories burned by swimming are only a little more than the running.

According to the swimming posture and skill, the accumulated energy consumed for 30 minutes of swimming is about 250 kcal. If you insist on swimming for 30 minutes a day, you will lose 1 kilogram of body fat in one month. However, swimming and running are different and require a specific environment. Moreover, people who can swim should know that after swimming, there will be a very strong sense of hunger, and the sense of accomplishment of swimming is also incomparable to the sense of accomplishment brought by running. This means that as exercise intensity increases, our desire for food increases. Everyone can understand it when they see it. As the energy consumption of exercise increases, the body’s demand for energy intake will also increase. This is a matter of course. Human desire for food will continue to grow with eating.

The sense of peace of mind and sense of accomplishment will enhance your appetite, so the appetite you suppress for slimming is thus liberated. That is, you can control it for weight loss. Your appetite, so that you do not eat too much, but after the exercise, the appetite has been completely liberated, the result is that you personally pushed yourself into the abyss of overeating.

In general, fitness instructors will require members to properly control their appetite. It is difficult for them to understand why members can’t control their mouths. “Don’t eat sweets!”, “Enjoy less alcohol!”, “More exercise.” Anyone who said this would say. In fact, members also know that controlling diet is good for slimming, but he just can’t do it, and he just can’t get it because he can’t do it.

Desperately Exercise + Wrong Diet= No Skinny

As a fitness instructor, you should understand the situation of the members. In addition to guiding them to exercise, they should help members to change their eating habits as much as possible.

According to my personal experience, those who want to lose weight want to see the results in a short time. In order to achieve this goal, they tend to increase the amount of exercise and increase the intensity of exercise. Although this method will make their appetite peak, in order to achieve the goal in the short term, they will also control the diet extremely, such as each meal. Eat konjac, or low-calorie food, then, can this life last for a month or two? The answer is definitely no. Moreover, even if one or two months lost two or three kilograms of weight, the final result is “rebound.” Exercise can really consume energy in the body. Is it necessary to increase the calorie consumption and body fat will be burned? In fact, high-intensity exercise and short-term exercise for weight loss actually consume almost all of the glycogen stored in the liver and muscles. This is what we call sugar. After the sugar is consumed, we The body needs to return to normal as soon as possible, so the more we exercise, the higher our demand for sugar. Carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and noodles are the main sources of sugar, and they are also rich in sugar, so they belong to the same category.

If we can’t face up to the body’s need for sugar, and if we don’t control the diet, no matter how we exercise, we will consume energy from sugar. What’s more, exercise is not enough to consume the energy provided by sugar, and sugar accumulation eventually forms body fat, which not only does not achieve weight loss, but also increases fat.

Sports players who need to control their weight, such as boxing, judo and bodybuilders, not only have strong willpower, they can overcome the desire for sugar, but they can also endure physical training while enduring extreme dietary restrictions, but It’s just that ordinary people who want to lose weight can hardly do this. The only one who can persist is probably only women who are ready to take wedding photos.

Desperately Exercise + Wrong Diet= No Skinny

In any case, even after a short-term exercise to achieve the goal of weight loss, if you can’t keep a good state, then all efforts are meaningless, for a certain An important thing to lose weight, but after all, it was fat again. Many people have had such experiences. This is a very big blow to the body and spirit.

Therefore, sports-based weight loss, unless you have strong willpower or in pursuit of short-term results, you can’t keep it for a long time. Please keep in mind. I think that “it is better to consume the energy that is eaten through exercise” (although this idea is not completely wrong), in fact, it is a path full of thorns for the cause of weight loss.

I hope that through the elaboration of this article, everyone realizes that real weight loss is actually not so painful. The important thing is not to limit your diet, but to change your eating habits.

Desperately Exercise + Wrong Diet= No Skinny

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