Delightful natural skin and hair care

Natural skin and hair care can incorporate such pleasantly rich ingredients that you almost feel self-indulgent with their use. Fortunately, staying beautiful is no longer for the use of commercial products with bad odors or unpleasant textures. Forget about the unpleasant, chemical products and think of these diseases:

• Raw gold honey
• Ripe yellow bananas
• Powerful black coffee
• Full fresh cream
• Silky butter cocoa
• Dark brown sugar
• Cherry or vanilla flavors

Mmmm! The treatment of trance sounds appetizing, is not it? If you want a youthful body surface, glossy hairstyle, or fewer imperfections, read below! Learn how to include these painkillers in your beauty routine.

As you put honey in herbal tea or put in homemade biscuits, you may not think of its antibacterial properties. However, honey is becoming more popular as part of skin care. Use honey as an antibacterial facial wash simply by combining it with glycerin or any liquid cleanser. Honey will kill the bacteria, cure breakouts and help to avoid scars as you wash your body.

To feed the dry area of ​​the face, turn to the relaxed banana! For an instant mask, crush the banana and spread it over your face. Leave it for fifteen minutes and then wash thoroughly. Your skin will feel silky-smooth.

If you feel creative, complete the banana treatment with small amounts of whole cream, flour and honey. This combination will take six hours if cooled. Make a generous lot so that other family members can cure their skins!

For daily natural skin care, you can not beat the cocoa butter. It is especially effective for the elderly, as it is an excellent wrinkle fighter. If desired, include a few drops of essential oil. Vanilla or sweet cherries produce extraordinary aromas when mixed with cocoa butter!

To exfoliate dry body surfaces while moisturizing, combine brown sugar with massage oil or glycerin. Carefully massage your entire body. Use circular strokes and massage lightly. You will love how your whole body feels smooth after you rinse!

If you want your golden locks to shine, boil a little too much coffee, espresso if possible. Let it cool and then apply the dark, rich liquid to your clean, dry locks. Wait twenty minutes and then rinse and style as usual. Your newly shiny locks will surprise you and you will be thrilled!

All of these biological treatment methods have a charming aroma, they are cheap and they work miracles. Are you ready to give up the jars and bottles that are half filled with commercial products? Decide for a much more enjoyable, healthy approach! The next time you're wondering about natural skin and hair care, try these wonderful tips

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