Decorated Eggs (Simple and Better!) Recipe

This is a recipe for beautifully baked eggs, but before we get to that, I'll ask you to let me tell you about the last two days first. I know eggs are distracting, I mean, I'm looking at them! If I could give you a screen right, I would.

Decorated Eggs Recipe

These packed eggs were part of a Saturday night dinner – left over from Friday lunch. They traveled to the north with me to visit Bolinas' friends. We had a delicious dinner mainly leftovers and the eggs were a hit! Let's talk about what makes them great. The main thing is that they are classically inspired, simple and up-to-date.

A box with a platter full of eggs, flowers and green salad.

Above the box is left for the Bolinas – soup, eggs, Josey Baker bread, various patches and spices.

How to make eggs

The idea is simple, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. The main thing, boil your eggs properly. This is so that you don't end up with fears of gray crocuses. An ice bath after boiling is your friend here. Cool, peel, half, make a nice filling of yolks, and you're home stretching.

The best filling

It's all about the taste and texture here, and I'm using a little trick. The filling is mixed, peeled and poured into a light herb haircut. Roasted almonds add to the crunch, flowers with ribs bring the beautiful. It's not technical disappointed, as there is no paprika or mustard in this version, but you can always pinch the filling to your liking with a few bars either.

Decorated Eggs Recipe

Tasty Variations!

A number that you have made over the years and have noted variations and suggestions I would like to point out.

Allyson: "Once I did this for Easter, it was the first time I did, or really ate, all of a sudden eggs, they were fantastic, I used peanuts instead of almonds and I didn't find cherry or dill, but they were much better than I had imagined. My fiancé, who loves full-bodied eggs, told them he was the best he ever ate. "

Berndy said: "I make my stuffed eggs with stuffed eggs for a more interesting taste." Love this idea and you think it would be great using these pickled pickled eggs!