Dancing to lose weight

Dancing to lose weightDancing with the stars begins the new season tonight and if you've ever watched the show before you know how hard these contestants are working to get the moves right and the dances very fluid and professional. This season there are two stars with names that you know have had trouble losing some last.

Jenny Garth who can be remembered from Beverly Hills 90210 and Marie Osmond from Donnie and Marie and other things are in this charm of dancing with the stars and both said their dance has helped lose weight.

Marie Osmond said:

I would love to go all the way simply because I told them, "Well, I have to lose some, so I think it's best for you to pay for it for me

and Jennie Garth said:

The baby from baby three does not go away as fast as the other two, so for me this is a great opportunity to get in good shape.

The show for fun is all under whether ytou wanted to watch dance, my wife watches and I just catch a bit if I'm not on the computer or playing with kids. The show does not give you advice as the biggest loser but will show that any exercise that is active and entertaining will help you lose weight. Any exercise that is not fun will not work as well because it feels like a load, then you probably will not do enough to do something good even do it at all.

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