Dan Hibbert: Overcome sadness.

At the beginning of their marriage, Susan's husband, Dan Hibbert, inspired him to take better care of himself and give priority to health and fitness. Later, after the tragedy, Dan had to go through his sorrow and find the strength to stay the course for the most important reason: his children.


One day, in the late 1990s, Dan Hibbert's wife, Susan, took him aside.

Dan had overeating, turning to food for comfort in periods of stress and leaving his health. Concerned about his well-being, Susan encouraged him to make some changes.

"I was probably 40 or 50 pounds overweight at this point," says Dan, of Calgary, Canada.

"My wife blessed her heart, sat me down and said," I'm worried about you and I want you to be healthy "and that was great. It gave me a big kick at the back, and I was getting rid of all that weight, and I kept weight loss for a while. "

Dan and his family before his wife, Susan, got sick.

Then, in 2011, something terrible happened.

Susan was diagnosed with colon cancer. After multiple surgeries and extensive chemotherapy, he entered severe depression due to sleep and anxiety problems.

In spite of everyone's best efforts, in August 2012 Susan took her life. It was unexpected and traumatic for Dan and their five children.

After losing Susan, 40-year-old Dan knew it would be difficult not only to work with his own sadness, but also to look after the five guys, the dog and the family business. But he made a decision.

"The minute I knew suicide had happened to our family, I felt it was my mission in life to look after our children."

"I did not want to define it in a negative way. I had to be there for them," says Dan.

Dan did what he had to do to help himself and the family cope. One of his best stores was exercise, especially CrossFit.

But after a few years, Dan's old patterns of emotional food came back.

Once again, Dan turned to eat for comfort.

Found every night for a beer or a glass of wine. And social situations became excuses for over consumption. After a while, he could feel his weight go up.

"When you have to watch to buy new jeans, it's like," Okay. Problem, "he laughs.

He was eager, Dan took his gain at his expense. He knew the importance of caring for his mental and physical health.

When Dan saw the scale move to 220, he had a "moment of truth".

Dan was thinking about his children and his personal mission to support them. "I thought," If I keep going down this road, I will not be a good dad. "

And he thought of Susan. "If he were here, he would have intervened," says Dan.

"But it was not. It was one of those moments where it is like," Well, I have to strengthen myself and do it myself, I guess. For my children. And for myself, too. "

Dan's late husband, Susan, continues to inspire his efforts to stay healthy and fit for himself and especially for his five children.

Dan looked at his choices. It could make a six-week conversion challenge of some kind, but then the results will not last. Besides, he knew he needed some support and accountability.

He had followed Dr. John Berardi and Precision Nutrition for some time, so he took the dive and signed Precision Nutrition Coaching.

With PN, Dan was able to restore his old consumption patterns of comfort and exercise new, healthier strategies.

"The program extended my tool extensively to know what to do and the practical possibility to do it," he explains.

Dan was committed and consistent with the get-go program. He found his daily check-in and ability to monitor his progress extremely useful.

"If there are numbers, I do it well," says Dan. "Give me a set of numbers and tell me to get from A to B and I will go hard to do it."

And that's what he did.

Of course, we all sometimes need extra support and Dan is no exception.

After a few months of constant weight loss, he found himself on a plateau and came to coach PN Calvin, who provided some simple "suggestions and tweaks" to help Dan continue to progress.

Then, towards the end of the PN Coaching program, Dan broke his wrist during a CrossFit class. Despite this additional challenge, Dan was able to keep up with his habits.

Once again, the combination of daily accountability, Calvin's coaching and the ability to monitor his progress helped Dan to stay on course.

The results of this commitment? Dan lost 30 pounds and won lifestyle strategies to keep himself healthy and fit in and out.

"I appreciate the change the program made for me in appearance, and most importantly, my general mentality."

When Dan looks back, he is happy to be corrected to remain faithful to his mission of taking care of his children.

"You have to stop and census once in a while," she reflects. "You have these conversations with yourself about the general trends of things in your life.

"Whether it's weight, mental health, or your habits … take some time to deal with these things and look for help with them."

It adds, "and if there is guidance available, use it. Coaching is such an asset."

Today, Dan's children are all prosperous, and he still has a new family member: his first grandchild.

Everybody flourished, Dan and his children were going over a family photographer recently.

Of course, training can not magically eliminate sadness. The change takes time, and so heals.

"I have learned that there are certain things that you have to spare time to spend and you can not just hurry them," Dan notes. "But, with that said, there are things you can do that will help."

"The main thing to remember," says Dan, "is that it's a marathon, not a sprint."

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