Daily story: Who “stealed” my money?

Every Little story: Who

Pharaoh retired for more than ten years The pension is 4,400 yuan per month, and the income of the local peers is high. Therefore, Pharaoh felt particularly satisfied, and even walking on the road was a little song.

This year’s pension is 5%, and Lao Wang has risen by 220 yuan every month. I am happy to eat Xiaolong buns!

The original dumpling of 7 yuan a cage is now 8 yuan!

He thought while eating:

The original 4400 yuan ÷7 yuan can eat 628 cages. Now the pension has gone up, but the 4,620 yuan ÷ 8 yuan can only eat 577 cages! In other words, the pension has gone up, but the dumplings have been eaten less! Eat 628-577=51 cages a month!

The clever pharaoh thought of the $500,000 life-saving money he had spent on his life savings.

According to the original 7 yuan a cage, you can buy 71428 cages, and now 8 yuan a cage, can only buy 62,500 cages!

It’s grandma’s, after a few days before and after the pension, the $500,000 life-saving money lost a total of 71428-62500=8928 cage. Calculate by eating one cage a day, enough to eat 24.5 years!

I don’t really know, it’s scary: it’s a 5% increase in pensions, but prices have risen by more than 14%! Life has not only not improved, but has shrunk more than before!

The old Wang wants to be more and more afraid. The country relies on a large number of printed banknotes to cope with economic contradictions. With the invisible hand to smash the wallet of ordinary people, the consequences are terrible. I saved myself from using the coffin board that was under my arm and was quickly hollowed out.

Pharaoh did not dare to think about it, and no longer thought about Xiaoqu.