“Daily practice” TOEFL vocabulary daily training – state

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Usage introduction


Status condition of sb/sth

1[C] status; Situation; situation

the mental, emotional or physical condition that a person or thing is in

a confused state of mind

thinking disorder

He was in a state of permanent depression.

He has been in a state of depression.

2also State

[C] Country

a country considered as an organized political c Ommunity controlled by one government

the Baltic States

Baltic States

3also State

[C] (abbr. St.) State;

an organized political community forming part of a country

the states of Victoria and Western Australia

Victoria and Western Australia

4also the State

[U, sing.] Government

the government of a country

matters/affairs of state

National events

people who are financially dependent on the state

Relying on state relief

5[U] ( enjoyed by heads of state or government)

formal etiquette, grand ceremony

the Formal ceremonies connected with high levels of The government or with kings and queens

The president was driven in state through the streets.

The president drove through the street solemnly.

United States the US

6the States

[pl.] (informal) United States

the United States of America

I've never been to the States.

I have never been to the US.


also State

[only before noun]

Government government

1 country provided (or

provided or controlled by the government of a country

state education

Public Education

2 state etiquette (or specification)

connected with the leader of a country attending an official ceremony

The Queen is on a state visit to Moscow.

The Queen is on a state visit to Moscow .

3 states; state

connected with a particular state of a country, especially in the US

a state prison /hospital/university, etc.

State prisons, state hospitals, state universities, etc.


1 statement Statement; statement

to formally write or say sth, especially in a careful and clear way

[VN] He has already stated his intention to run for election.

He has stated his intention to participate in the election.

2[VN] [usually passive] regulations; published

to fix or announce the details of sth, especially on a written document

This is not one of their stated aims.

There is no such item in their declared goal.