Daily paragraph: Is it easy for me to drive the tractor?

  1. The washing machine at home didn’t turn, and the repairman came to see it. The price was more than 200, and it was expensive. So I bought the accessories myself, and the capacitors were bought and replaced. The motor bought, put it on, the next step is to buy the clutch always, if it is not repaired, decided to buy a brand new online, has been optimistic, more than 800…

  2. My father and I said: “Dad, see you every day, eat delicious.” Although Dad said no to believe, but I saw his heartfelt smile.

    Mother snorted and said, “You continue to boast, continue to groan, anyway, your dad said no, this phone I do not agree to buy for you.”

  3. There are a buddy. When we chatted today, the buddies said: I used to feel the mightyness of the tiger, the feeling of being tall, and I must raise one when I swear. Now my dream has finally come true, and I have raised a mother. I won’t talk to you, I have to go home to cook for my wife!

  4. My girlfriend recently often found me to borrow something…

    I borrowed a lipstick last week and borrowed two hundred days ago. Block money, I called the car yesterday and said that I went out to travel…

    My husband and I wondered, at home! ! ! I haven’t analyzed it yet. Husband suddenly patted the thigh: lying, she has borrowed and returned, so that you are unprepared, so afraid, will she come to you to borrow me next time? ? ?

  5. I have to drink a cup of hot tea every morning, how is it cold this morning? The four-year-old little nephew said, “Hey, I didn’t wet the bed today!…”

  6. Go back to school to visit the high school class teacher and ask me if I found a girlfriend? I said, not yet, don’t talk about girls like it. He sighed and said, you don’t study well, don’t find an object in high school, and waste your chance. ………………He seems to have forgotten, because I shared an umbrella with the girl, and he was fined for 3,000 words.

  7. My classmates have 503 times. Many people and even drivers are crowded. Later, the ticket seller also got off the bus to help push the passengers into the car. After a period of hard work, the driver’s door went away, and the passengers saw a man chasing the car in the back. They looked at it and turned out to be a ticket seller… everyone called the driver and let him park, but there were too many people. It can be seen that the conductor who is chasing the car is near the back door, and the voice is completely unable to pass to the driver. Until the station arrived again, the driver did not hear the people reporting the station, only to find the conductor was pulled down. As soon as the ticket seller opened the door and panted, the girl gave the driver a pain, because she ran like a stop..

    Daily paragraph: Is it easy for me to drive a tractor?