[Daily black] Oh! my face!

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Today is Friday, April 15, 2016. I have repeatedly made seven Marseille rounds to break through the defense line, but found that the ball was already lost in the first time. When I was so aggressive, the other side had quickly counterattacked Fandly who scored a goal.

First of all, I had to admire the slag. In the case of a 3:1 behind the team, a barbaric roar, the limit of the turn, the wonderful level is comparable to the night of Istanbul.

[daily black] Oh my face!

You said that the same is the Red Army. Is the gap between coaches so big?

[daily black] Oh my face!

Let’s talk about the NBA. The regular season is in the glory of Kobe Bryant’s six-reverse singer and the unfair 402-point three-point team in the league to achieve the best record in history. The curtain fell. Looking back at the 15-16 regular season, a good keyword can be summed up, that is: face!

The first to go through the podium of the Golden State Warriors, they are the king of the face this season. With one hand and three points stunts, three days and two heads of the day, angered all the old stars, old fans, the face of the old ball. Not only is the number of face-to-face frequent, but also the way to face is varied and creative. At this point, the phrase “cannot win the championship by three points” has changed from a serious technical sticker to a low-end black that the landlord is stupid. Most of the people who are not willing to fail are only able to: “You are strong, but such Basketball is not interesting.” How do you see how you can’t eat grapes and say that you are soothing.

[daily black] Oh! Face!

In fact, you don’t have to, for the players and the team, some people like it must be black, who played for so many years, Kobe Bryant, I will play James’ game. You still don’t understand? Basketball is not going to change, the mood of our watching the ball will not change, there will always be a star standing out and let us say two words “lying trough, bullying” and “lying trough, stupid”. Regard who he is, in what way, happy, not serious.

The next step on the podium is St. Anthony’s face Spurs. They intended (mian) qi (wu) wind (biao) hair (qing) came towards us. Compared with the gorgeous face of the Warriors, the Spurs’ face is even more important. When their face starts, no one can remember, and their face will continue until no one dares to conclude. As a fan, I only hope that when James retires at the age of 40, he can still hear the 50-year-old Duncan’s heart and trust the future.

[daily black] Oh! My face!

At that time, James should have seen the red dust and suddenly became more cheerful. After all, from the “Decision x” and Duncan teammates in the past few years, he has no desire for the NBA…

[Daily Black] Oh! My face!

After the Spurs is the Texas Mix The phalanx, the leader is Novo and King Shideng. Over the years, “the rocket is very strong, the Mavericks are very weak” has always been the three illusions of Texas that can be named after the famous “Spurs are very old”. It’s just that when people notice that Novartis is old, the Mavericks’ lineup is also incomplete; Haki’s hard-working efforts on the field finally led the Rockets into the Western Conference. The Rockets are very strong and the Mavericks are weak. I hope to turn from illusion to reality this year. The power of the king and the cornerstone is too strong against the sky, forcibly hitting the face, telling the world with practical actions, Laozi’s anti-day/potholes are passive skills, no one can change, spicy chicken!

The fourth entry was the Portland Face Blazers. On a Monday morning, you come to the company or classroom as usual to start a day of life, but when you open the door, you find that the familiar faces in the familiar classrooms that are supposed to exist are gone, and the attention is gone. . Please ask for the psychological shadow area at this time. The Blazers experienced the super turmoil of the main lineup and the four teams leaving the team this year. Everyone predicted that the Blazers were in the lottery, so the league and the fans decided to play Lillard’s face. He stayed outside the All-Star Game.

[daily black] Oh! My face!

However, there is no white lunch in the world, and there is no white face. When I came out, I always had to pay back. Lillard almost drove the team into the playoffs and won the fifth place in the fiercely competitive West End. This included a way to defeat Curry in Curry. The anti-day performance, against everyone’s face! dry! Got it! drift! bright!

Besides them, there are talents who are not winning the Timberwolves rookies, and they are expected to have a strong eyebrow with a win and 11 losses. You said I will give you a performance. The 73-negative 76ers, you said that I can’t do it. I want the Celtics to show you the division champion. You said that I will stick to the Cavaliers and I will go to Miami to try and win the James of my team. You said that I am at the CBA level. I will go to the NBA immediately to let you see the strength of the brothers. Beasley, you said that my life is dying, I will definitely recover from Odom. You said that I had an emotional pill. Kardashian, who abandoned Harden to you, is the leader in the NBA this season.

This is destined to be an extraordinary season!


Today’s best to give Liverpool fans – finally saw this kind of turnaround, cool !

Today, the most miserable to Li Yi, the emperor – originally wanted to secluate everyone but lived and became a fool. My emperor does not cry, always have faith, just like you said:

It’s dawn!