Correct understanding of sleep, getting out of sleep misunderstanding

correctly understand sleep, get out of sleep misunderstanding

Hello everyone, today we talk about sleep again. We already know that March 21st is “World Sleep Day” every year. The festival is only once a year, but sleep is really indispensable every day. The previous article, “Be kind to yourself, starting from sleep” is mainly about how to improve sleep, then we will learn more about sleep from other perspectives

How to determine if a person has gone to sleep However, if we meet the following conditions, we can say that we have entered sleep state.

1. A physiological state that is easily recovered by stimulation, such as sound, strong light, If you wake up to sleep, etc., you will wake up in a short period of time, especially adults or the elderly.

2. Relative loss of consciousness, no spontaneous muscle activity, that is, it is impossible for those who fall asleep Do any physical activity

Why should we emphasize sleep? This is a problem that many people need to think about. The following symptoms can occur if you are not sleeping well

correct understanding of sleep, go out of sleep misunderstanding

1. Emotional changes are the first to appear, such as irritability, euphoria, hesitation alternately, Interest in the external environment is reduced, and sometimes there is a phenomenon of restlessness. A serious lack of sleep may endanger life and cause sudden death.

2. Increased pain, sleep deprived people, often stinging hands and feet feel.

3. The brain is confused, the answer to the question is unsatisfactory, the complete meaning cannot be expressed, and the recent events are easy to forget.

4. Agility and attention drop significantly. There will be blurred vision and visual hallucinations.

5. Severe sleep disorders can cause disorders in the endocrine system.

People’s traditional understanding of sleep is unscientific. It is necessary to establish a correct concept of sleep and get out of sleep. Misunderstanding

correct understanding of sleep, getting out of sleep Misunderstanding

1. The more you sleep, the better.

Experts believe that the length of sleep is related to healthy sleep. Not big, everyone’s sleep time is not the same, individual differences are great, quality is more important than time, the most important thing is to maintain the regularity of life, related surveys show that people who sleep more than 8 hours per day on average Life expectancy will be significantly shortened

2. Counting sheep when you can’t sleep

This is only effective for some people. For some people, he is very concerned. Counting, the more the number of mental numbers, the more attention, the brain is holding

continues to be excited, the result is more difficult to sleep, then it is troublesome, some people may forget themselves in the process of counting Where is it, and from the beginning, the result is more and more spiritual

3. Can’t sleep to take some sleeping pills

The sleeping pills (ie, sedative hypnotics) cannot Long-term use, in order to avoid addiction, can not take sleeping pills in the case of bathing, driving, working at height, etc., must be taken in strict accordance with the doctor’s advice

correct understanding of sleep, get out of sleep misunderstanding

4. Drinking hypnosis

Many people in real life drink some wine before going to bed, thinking that this can quickly sleep, experts believe that this practice is not advisable, in the sleep, the harmful substances in the wine accumulate in the body, Toxicize the body and also damage the retina, which will reduce the body’s ability to adapt.

5. Snoring is not harmful to health

Experts point out that occasionally snoring and snoring, There is no obvious adverse effect on the human body, but if the apnea caused by snoring is more than 30 times during 7 hours of sleep, each pause is more than 10 seconds, which is a typical sleep. Sleep apnea disease, easy to induce more than 20 kinds of complications such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

6. Fighting is not good

Snoring is not unhelpful, modern In society, especially in cities, people are under increasing pressure. Sleep overdraft has become an urban epidemic. It is undoubtedly a good way to take a nap. Some large foreign companies even have a “snoring area” in the office area. “To help employees recover their strength in the shortest possible time and maintain the best mental state, the best time to snoring during the day is between 1 and 3 pm, but those who have difficulty falling asleep at night are better not to snoring during the day

7. You can sleep well when you are full.

The nerves and muscles will be relaxed after eating. Because the blood supply to the brain is reduced, people will feel tired, but this The autonomic nervous system, including the digestive system, is still awake, so sleep cannot enter deep sleep after eating.

correctly understand sleep, get out of sleep misunderstanding

8. To sleep on a soft bedding

Sleeping on a hard bed, naturally tossing and turning, different parts of the wheel contact with the bed, then the fatigue of various parts of the body is relieved. But in a soft place, the body spreads the pressure, even if you change your posture, you don’t feel the fatigue is relieved. Therefore, the hard bed board is better.

9. You can’t sleep and exercise, tired. Can fall asleep

Sports are worth promoting, but if you exercise vigorously before going to bed, your body temperature rises, and the central nervous system excites. Although your body is tired, when your brain is highly active, it will be more It is difficult to fall asleep, so it is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep at night, so that the excitement of body temperature and nervous system is more relaxed, it is easier to enter the dreamland

10. Dreaming shows no rest. /strong>

Dream is a common physiological phenomenon. Every normal person dreams during sleep. He dreams about 4 times a night, but like

The spirit of the day is very good, you don’t have to worry about dreaming affecting sleep

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