Correct understanding of diabetes!

There are many questions that patients around and patients often consult about diabetes! Xiaobian doctor took the opportunity to talk about diabetes related topics! Let everyone know about diabetes correctly and give them and their families a healthy body and life. Get to know diabetes correctly!

Diabetes is a chronic progressive disease that poses a serious threat to the health of the family and imposes a heavy economic burden on society. The prevalence of diabetes in Chinese adults has reached 10%, of which 60% have not been diagnosed. Many people don’t know that they have diabetes, and they have to see a doctor until they have complications.

What are the manifestations of diabetes? In addition to the onset of type 1 diabetes, early mild hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes often has no symptoms. When blood sugar is significantly elevated, typical symptoms of “three more and one less” may occur, namely, polyuria, polydipsia, and more. weight loss. That is to say, the people said that they ate more and drank more, and they ate more urine, but they lost weight. Still others have repeated infections. Because the immunity of diabetic patients has decreased. Such as urinary tract infections, reproductive tract infections, tuberculosis, wounds are not easy to heal, blurred vision and so on. Continue to share with you tomorrow how to diagnose yourself as diabetes.

Get to know diabetes correctly!