Coronavirus in Alberta

As Albertan, I know that most people may not be so interested in these Coronavirus statistics in Alberta, but there are more than 4 million of us living, working and hoping to return to Alberta soon.

We've had several tests over the last two months on Coronavirus in Alberta and I'm watching a daily Coronavirus press conference at 3:45 p.m. Prime Minister Jason Kenney and our chief physician, Dr. Deena Hinshaw. In these press conferences, we learn about the number of trials, the number of new cases and the recoveries and the number of deaths in the province in the last 24 hours.

Once a week, I like to pick up some of the statistics and see how Alberta compares to the US, the rest of Canada and other countries in our fight against Koranaio, also known as Covid-19.

The statistics I use come from two places with great accuracy. The first is the coronavirus line update from Worldometer, this gives us up to the least information about Coronavirus cases in any country in the world. The second part I use is a great page that CTV News has for daily updates for every province in Canada for cases, tests, deaths and really good daily charts for Coronavirus.

Today, May 2, when I look at the statistics, I see the following:

coronavirus worldwide

And then I can see the CTV statistics that appear this morning (I'm not waiting for Alberta's update later today). One of the great things I want to see here is that you can change to see the average 7 days for Canada or any province to get a better idea of ​​the trends. But this gives us the number of tests done for each province that is good information, the more you try the more accurate your numbers will be.

Coronavirus in Alberta

And I can run some numbers. . Smile because I like to do nerdy things like that.

Corinthian trials in Alberta per million people

The first thing I like is the number of tests per million people. Here in Alberta, we have 4.1 million people, with 153,766 Coronavirus tests done so far in Alberta, that number is 35,759 tests for millions of people. When I compare it to our Worldometer statistics, I can say that we are about 150% of the statistics for Canada 22,050 per million and even higher compared to the 20,355 per million they have done so far in the US.

We seem to be doing a lot of testing here for Coronavirus in Alberta which is nice to see. This makes it much easier to locate the cases and we hope you catch these large clusters before they get out of hand.

Cases per million people

The next number I'm looking at is the number of cases per million here in Alberta. So much fat we have 5573 cases found here and using it 4.1 million population means we have 1359 cases per million people in Alberta. That number is lower than Canada's average of 1,472, and about half the number in the United States is 3,432 cases per million people.

I guess our fairly strict social distance and lower population density help us here. There have been some large cases of Coronavirus cases here in Alberta, however, some meat packing plants in Alberta account for 42% of the cases and there are some scattered north in an oil labor camp.

Some of the statistics I've seen in the past, which are probably reviewed every day, are that 20% of people with the disease end up in the hospital and that 2% to 4% of people with coronary heart disease end up dying. from the virus. So the test that leads to recognition makes a huge difference in making people treat themselves quickly.

Deaths of corona per million people

The latest statistic is sad and that is the number of people who have died per million people. Here in Alberta, 92 people have died, estimated at about 22 deaths per million people. We do much better than the Canadian average of 91 and especially the US average per 199 million people.

The death toll is staggering. I think there is a bit of inflation in the US, as the number of flu deaths early may have been replaced by Coronavirus numbers, but I have a lot of experience with the Alberta health care hospital and I'm sure our smaller number is greatly affected by the big one. hospital treatment by doctors and nurses in Alberta.

Due to the development of Coronavirus worldwide, these statistics are changing rapidly. I have seen a tendency for Canada to do better than other countries and for Alberta to do better in Canada in recent weeks.

What I really hope is that in the coming weeks social distancing will really make a difference as people start to come to life outside of quarantine again, there is a great risk of facing our lives this summer like we did last summer, but I think that some of the ongoing drugs and lifestyle changes we all have will make a big difference in reducing the number of people getting this virus.