Construction Road Sub-district Office Holds Community Planner Signing Ceremony

Building Road Street Office holds a community planner signing ceremony

To fully implement the community planner work system and accelerate Building a high-quality harmonious and livable living community, on the afternoon of August 24, 2018, the Jianshe Sub-district Office convened a community planner, a member of the community planning community and a community secretary, held a special meeting, and held a community planner signing ceremony. At the meeting, the spirit of the document issued by the district committee and district government was conveyed; the planners and representatives of the members of the public group made their speeches respectively; the party party committee secretary and the director of the office issued the planners and members of the planning group. Appointed the book, and made an important speech, put forward requirements and hopes on how to do the work well, the project planning integration is high, the operation is strong, the design plan must be high, have characteristics, have effect, and finally reach the “co-construction Governance and sharing.