Comprehensive analysis of the causes, symptoms, examinations and prevention of fetal arrest!

Stotal cessation is common among women of childbearing age, but there are still some women who have doubts about fetal cessation. Zhengzhou Pregnancy Medical College provides a comprehensive analysis of the causes, symptoms, examinations and prevention of fetal arrest. I hope to help women of childbearing age.

The cause, symptoms, examination, prevention of fetal arrest Analyze!

First, the cause of fetal arrest

Chromosome problem: If the chromosome is abnormal If it does, the embryo will not develop and cause early abortion. (Fetal stop Q group 542760047)

Endocrine disorders: Embryo implantation and continued development rely on complex endocrine systems to coordinate with each other, any one of the links can cause miscarriage.

Immunogenic factors: Immunization between the mother and the fetus does not adapt to the mother’s rejection of the fetus.

Uterine abnormalities: The internal environment of the uterus and the overall environment of the uterus may have an effect on the embryo.

Reproductive tract infections: After the mother’s infection, the pathogen can pass the placenta infection through the blood, causing damage to the choriocarcinoma and capillary endothelium, destroying the placental barrier, and causing abortion of the pathogen into the fetus. , embryos stop development and fetal malformation.

Environmental factors: Many drug and environmental factors are important factors in causing early embryonic death or fetal malformation.

The cause, symptoms, examination, prevention of fetal arrest Analyze!

Second, Fetal Stopping Symptoms

If embryonic cessation occurs, all pregnancy reactions in the pregnant mother will gradually disappear. The first is that there is no longer a reaction to early pregnancy such as nausea and vomiting, and the feeling of breast swelling will also weaken. Then there will be bleeding in the vagina, often dark red bloody vaginal discharge. Finally, there may be lower abdominal pain and discharge of the embryo. The above performance varies from person to person, and some even have no signs at all, and there is direct abdominal pain, and then abortion, or asymptomatic after embryonic suspension, found by routine B-ultrasound. Most pregnant women have no obvious symptoms after they stop developing. Some pregnant women may see red and generally have no abdominal pain, which is different from threatened abortion.

The cause, symptoms, examination, prevention of fetal arrest Analyze!

Three, fetal arrest check

Male check item

Semen detachment cytology, male prostate examination, chromosome examination

Female examination program

Sexual sex hormone test in women, female prenatal and postnatal care Item, immune antibody test, thyroid function test, leucorrhea routine screening, gonorrhea, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases detection, cervical mycoplasma, chlamydia determination, hysteroscopy, uterus, accessory B-ultrasound, ABO hemolysis (optional blood type) , chromosome examination.

The cause, symptoms, examination, prevention of fetal arrest Analyze!

Four Prevention of Fetal Stopping

Pre-pregnancy Care: Suggestions The two sides also accept chromosome examination, the woman does blood type identification, the man does the reproductive system examination, and the bacteriophagus should be thoroughly treated; if the corpus luteum is incomplete, the drug should be used for more than 10 weeks; avoid contact with toxic substances and radiation. 3 months after the body is completely healthy, consider pregnancy.

On-time checkup: The general embryo has a fetal heart around 8 weeks, and the phenomenon of fetal arrest may occur in 8 to 12 weeks, so it is recommended that the pregnant woman should be the best for about 8 weeks. B-ultrasound for early detection of fetal and placental development.

Focus on epidemics: There are some infectious diseases that not only cause fetal death, but also leave serious sequelae even if the fetus survives. Therefore, during the epidemic, try to avoid public places to avoid being infected.

[Warm reminder]The stop of childbirth can not be underestimated, female friends have to stop the nursery in time to go to a regular professional hospital for treatment, the heart may be hurt Intensified.