College student sleep

College students are a special group. They have just passed the high school purgatory and entered the university. However, they are also entering the society in the near future, investing in the construction of the motherland and the wave of self-delivery, but the sleeping condition of this special group is worrying.
college sleep

So what is affecting the sleep health of college students now? I think that mobile phones are the main culprit influencing the quality of sleep of today’s students, because many people who stay up all night are playing mobile phones and playing computer games. Because the emergence of smart phones has made our lives more convenient, but it has also deprived us of too much time, and the development of mobile games is getting faster and faster, and there is even a tendency to replace PCs. The rise of the glory of the king and the game of eating chickens has raised the popularity of mobile games. Now many people gather to get black, or eat chicken together. This kind of situation is particularly serious in the university dormitory. Basically, when you return to the dormitory, the sounds of various kings glory and chickens are heard. LOL has basically disappeared, and it is not uncommon for the weekend to open black together.
college sleep

even some people stay up all night playing games rather than go to class every day, people have to eat with these little frenzied, so students have to take the good with the phone can not let the phone Kidnapping you, becoming a captive of mobile phones, not to sacrifice your precious sleep time to play games, really not worth it, the time of the university is wonderful, don’t delay your study because of the game, it also affects your health, This is not good for your development.
College sleep

When you look back at your high school, sometimes you feel a luxury when you sleep late, and the university should not fall, use the mobile phone reasonably, and occasionally the game can relax, but don’t indulge, university! You should study hard, you can participate in social activities in your leisure time, you should talk about what you love, and don’t live up to the good times of college.