cold winter, warm and warm – food and nutrition department to carry out “cold winter warmth” activities

To warm the winter for the students with financial difficulties, on the afternoon of December 5th, Yue Chunzhou, vice president of Luohe Medical College, Shi Xiao, deputy director of the Food and Nutrition Department, and Li Xin, deputy director, went to 2017. The student dormitory provides warm clothing for some students with difficult family conditions and gives them cordial condolences to the students.

In the condolences, Yue Chunzhou and Shi Xiao cordially asked students about their daily life in school. Yue Chunzhou took the students’ hands and asked them repeatedly, and asked the students to wear them. Be thick, take care of yourself. Shi Xiao also made a review of the warmth conditions in the dormitory and the safety of the dormitory. He said that the dormitory rooms that are in agreement with the students are very clean, and they should pay attention to keep warm when they are cold, and should review them at the end of the period.

,-Food Nutrition Department Carry out the

The leaders opened the door of the dormitory one after another, and sent a set of warm warm clothing, passing a copy of the A true warmth.

While the winter is cold, the hearts of the people are warm. The “Winter Warmth” activity made students deeply feel the care and attention of the school and department for their growth, and enhanced their confidence in creating a better future. At the same time, this event was also a grateful education for students and enhanced their Social responsibility.