Chronic disease – diabetes 3

Six, the cause of diabetes

The etiology and pathogenesis of diabetes is very complicated and has not yet been fully elucidated. The traditional theory holds that diabetes can be genetic factors and acquired environmental factors work together. Acquired factors that cause diabetes are sedentary, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, eating too much high-sugar, high-fat, high-calorie diet, and long-term stress and tension.

(1) Genetic factors:

It is universally recognized that diabetes is a hereditary disease, and genetic studies have shown that the incidence of diabetes is among the relatives of the bloodline. There are significant differences among the relatives of the descent, the former being five times higher than the latter.

(2) Mental factors:

In the past ten years, Chinese and foreign scholars have confirmed the role of mental factors in the occurrence and development of diabetes. Mental stress, emotional excitement and various stress states can cause massive secretion of elevated blood sugar hormones such as growth hormone, renal adenine, glucagon and adrenocortical hormone.

 Chronic disease - diabetes 3

(3) Obesity factor:

At present, obesity is an important cause of diabetes. About 60%-80% of adult diabetic patients are obese before the onset, and the degree of obesity is directly proportional to the incidence of diabetes.

(4) Too long-term food intake:

Excessive diet, uncontrolled, excess nutrients, and potentially under-functioning insulin beta cells Overburdened and induced diabetes, the concept of “the richer the life, the more plump the body, and the more diabetes” is now formed at home and abroad.

(5) Infection:

The relationship between juvenile diabetes and viral infection is significant. The infection itself does not induce diabetes and can only cause invisible diabetes. .

 Chronic disease - diabetes 3


The experts found that the number of pregnancies is related to the onset of diabetes. Multiple pregnancies tend to weaken genetic factors and induce diabetes.

(7)Gene factors:

The current science believes that diabetes is caused by several genetic damages. In other words, diabetes is a genetic disease.


At present, most scholars believe that fecal smoking may lead to metabolic disorders, resulting in increased abdominal obesity and vascular endothelial dysfunction, tobacco Nicotine in the body can cause sympathetic nervous system excitement. Lead to increased release of catecholamines and other glucosamines. Catecholamine is a potent antagonist of insulin action.

 Chronic disease - Diabetes 3

Seven, high-risk groups

Hypertension history, history of impaired glucose regulation, hyperlipidemia, family history of diabetes, great life stress, obesity, aging, lack of physical activity, previous history of gestational diabetes, and delivery of a large child (birth weight ≥ 4kg) Women are susceptible to diabetes. The hospital should be inspected regularly.

 Chronic disease - Diabetes 3

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