Chocolate milk and health Canada inactivity on Canadian food guide Just the cost The Liberals New Brunswick Elections

Elections were held yesterday in New Brunswick.

Conservatives gained one position.

So what was the main issue that the New Brunswick fired for or against the elections?

Believe it or not, it was school chocolate milk, which was described by Toronto Star as the theme in "the center of the New Brunswick election campaign".


The center of New Brunswick's campaign was whether or not the sale of chocolate milk would be banned in New Brunswick's schools, with Blaine Higg's Conservatives saying "No"and the Liberals Brian Gallant saying,"Yes".

But here is the thing.

If the Canadian Food Guide indicated that sugar milk was not nutritionally equivalent to white milk and that in fact the consumption of milk in sugar should be limited to half a cup daily for children, chocolate milk sales would not be an issue First, as with that prompt, schools would almost certainly have ended the daily sale of an item. The Canadian Food Guide recommends that children explicitly restrict themselves.

And there is no doubt that the next Food Guide, if ever released, will not be good with chocolate milk. And that's not just me reading the tea leaves, it's also I remember when Dr. Hasan Hutchinson, Director General of Health Canada, responsible for the Food Guide, 4 years ago (honestly, what could still be expected) during a public debate that we have,

"One thing that we are doing now (Note: Today means February 2014) makes a reassessment of all these acts and certainly personally, I agree with Yoni that (chocolate) milk should not exist either"

So the next time someone tells you that the Canada Food Guide does not matter, remind them that Health Canada's unexpected foot, drawing on its much needed review, just costs the New Brunswick Liberals' election.

(Stay tuned, because on Thursday I'm going to publish an incredibly innovative solution to the subject of chocolate milk in schools)

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