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Hang there with me in this. It is a study of effectiveness, and with some faith, everything comes together in the end. In short, pour the whole cauliflower head into an olive oil filled with porridge, pod, beer-based, then prune it and bake until the butter is softened. At the last minute, use the same broth to cook your favorite pasta. Serve everything in a bowl with a fresh herbal shower. Cauliflower with grilled beer and pasta

PRO ADVICE: Add only a lot of pasta as you eat in the broth. It's not great for the rest. Use whatever you want – you used here an entire fusilli wheat, but you can use penne, or one of the alternative wheat or legume pasta.
Cauliflower with grilled beer and pasta

I started working on this recipe shortly before leaving San Francisco. It's the perfect spicy cup for cold nights, winter weather or SF in the summer. A lemon squeeze illuminates everything.