Case summary | 30-year-old high blood pressure fitness weight loss and diet plan

Patient Information

Male, 30 years old, long-term office worker, obese, 170cm tall, 96kg, BMI 33.2, high blood pressure 2 years of medical history, blood pressure measurement 152/105mmHg, heart rate 97 times /min, usually occasional dizziness, headache.

A doctor gives an analysis after comprehensive consideration

Case summary|30-year-old fitness weight loss and diet plan

Sick summary

Hypertension, known as the “silent killer”, is an important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, leading to changes and damage to the structure and function of the heart, brain, kidneys, blood vessels, and fundus, causing related diseases.

From this list, we can clearly point out that the main cause of high blood pressure is obesity and hyperlipidemia, which lead to an increase in peripheral vascular resistance, which causes blood pressure to rise. Especially the increase in low pressure is obvious, and too much pressure is also an important factor influencing the rise of blood pressure.

For the increase of blood pressure caused by different reasons, drug treatment should be individualized and targeted, while regulating the law of life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also very important for controlling blood pressure.


1. Obesity, especially the recent increase in weight is the leading cause of Mr. Liu’s blood pressure;

2. The recent work pressure and lack of rest caused Mr. Liu’s drug control effect to deteriorate.

case summary|30 years old hypertension Fitness weight loss and diet plan

Specify specific fitness weight loss programs and diet plans for users:

1. Adhere to physical exercise, moderately moderate exercise three times a week, and exercise appropriate strength exercises;

2. Pay attention to diet control, promote a light diet in daily diet, and eat in daily diet. Rich in about 20g of fiber, not more than 6 grams of salt per day, do not eat too greasy things, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, balanced vitamin supplements.

3. Pay attention to rest, ensure eight hours of sleep a day, improve sleep quality, and relieve stress by improving work status and life mood. After symptomatic treatment and lifestyle improvement, the patient’s blood pressure was satisfactorily controlled after one week.

Based on the above considerations, the doctor’s order is adjusted to:

1. Add diuretic Shoubishan 2.5mg, oral, 1 tablet/day , quickly reduce the patient’s fluid load;

2. Add a milder antihypertensive drug irbesartan 75mg, oral, 1 tablet /day, to achieve the effect of controlling the user’s daytime blood pressure;

3. Continue to take Laparnol 50mg, orally, 1 tablet /day, and clearly control the low pressure of patients.

Assistive Improvements

  1. A reasonable diet, appropriate restriction of sodium salt and fat intake, increase intake of vegetables and fruits;

  2. No smoking, moderate drinking;

  3. Persist in moderate physical activity;

  4. Keep normal weight, overweight and obese Weight loss should be achieved;

  5. A healthy lifestyle such as psychological balance is very beneficial for the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

case summary| 30-year-old hypertension weight loss and diet plan

Hypertension is very harmful, and should be given enough attention to actively prevent and treat. Patients with low blood pressure must receive a full range of treatments, including decompression therapy in life. Patients with high diastolic blood pressure are especially suitable for exercise through exercise, preferably gentle aerobic exercise such as cycling, swimming, walking, and Tai Chi, but not through vigorous anaerobic exercise.

Family self-blood monitoring is an important way to understand changes in blood pressure. Systematic and standardized treatment under the guidance of a specialist will significantly reduce the risk of high blood pressure.