Carnival Tips for Eating Candy

Carnival Tips for Eating Candy. Children love candy and Halloween is a great time to celebrate this love. However, what should a parent do when worrying about tooth decay from all this candy consumption? Caramel usually contains sugar, which is eaten by the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Carnival Tips for Eating Candy

Thus, eating a meal with carbohydrates or sugar feeds bacteria that cause caries. Therefore, in order to avoid the negative effects of caramel, we have to do two things:

Carnival Tips for Eating Candy

Carnival Tips for Eating Candy

1) Avoid excessive consumption of these sugars and

2) Reduce the amount of sugar in the mouth.

As the owner of Mitchell Dental Spa, a dental unit at Chicago's Water Tower Place, I would like to offer the following Carnival Tips for Eating Candy to protect your child's tooth in Halloween. Do You Have Coffee Candy Halloween Enjoyment Tips?

Examine your child's candy to see if it responds yours approval

  • It's ok for your child to eat candy for which you approve, but to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay, brush them as soon as possible (after eating candy). If a child or an adult brushes immediately, the impact of the caramel on the teeth is minimal.
  • Avoid sticky candy such as fungi, pieces, mastic, candy etc. Sticky Candy sticks to the teeth and causes decay
  • Kids can eat candy OTHERS, there is no good day / night time to eat candies
  • Before Responding, please visit your dentist to put seals in the child's grooves

Secondly, Tips for Eating Candy Halloween is if you brush shortly after eating

They are not most likely, try the following

  • Drink the candy with a meal. Increased saliva production while you eat will help you wash sweets from teeth.
  • Rinse mouth with water.
  • Chew a sugar-free adhesive (especially that containing xylitol) after snacking in the candy. Increased saliva from chewing will help to wash sugar from teeth and xylitol gum help control bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • Eat the caramel quickly at a sitting to reduce the amount of time that is in contact with the teeth. Avoid eating candy slowly for a long time or in multiple sessions. Recent studies have shown that the amount of time you eat a sweet may be more harmful than the amount of sweets consumed. This means that hard candies, breathing pores, etc. may actually be worse for your teeth compared to a chocolate candy (shorter mouth-watering time).

Carnival Tips for Eating Candy is to avoid hot salads

1) Loaded with sugar (often over 10 teaspoons per serving 12 ounces)
2) It is quite acidic to dissolve away the tooth enamel, and
3) They are often cut for long periods of time, resulting in teeth that are swollen with sugar and acid almost constantly throughout the day.

Carnival Tips for Eating Candy

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I know my son is a big candy eater but my daughter is not. So please give me some Candy Halloween Enjoyment Tips.