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Ten years ago, after returning from a weekend trip to Big Sur, we ended up putting together one of my favorite tofu recipes – caramelized tofu strips served on sautéed Brussels sprouts. Roasted pecans also go to the pan and make omega-so sweetly cooked together with tofu and cabbage. I thought I would publish a slightly updated version today. Enjoy!
Favorite caramelized Tofu

Here's how he connected: a quick research of my kitchen revealed tofu and a cluster of Brussels sprouts. There was also a living bunch of coral who came into the refrigerator door begging to be used. I searched the cupboards and put out a small bag of pecan (already baked!) And the remnants of a full bag of my favorite sugar. Garlic? Control. If you do not love coral, change into a big punch fist.

Just a few minutes from the knife and a quick job with a hot pan separated me from my dinner. I first cook the tofu and then finish with the Brussels sprouts. It worked nicely that only one basin was dirtied in the process.
Favorite caramelized Tofu


Some variations come to mind – pour into some nut, brown coffee bean. You will have a nice balanced plate – vegetables, protein and some complex carbohydrates from rice. For those of you who have not managed to turn into fans with this Brussels recipe they grow, spinach would be a nice alternative. With pecan and sweet sweet powder, some curry powder bars (or five spice powder) would be delicious. There are now many ideas and comments (below).