Cancer treatment research is in full swing, cancer is getting more and more cancer, can cancer be finally conquered?

In the world, cancer treatment-related research is in full swing. However, the more cancers are cured, the more cancer can be overcome. I believe in scientific progress, but I am not optimistic about completely overcoming cancer. I think the treatment of cancer is important, but what’s more important is how to prevent cancer in the first place! It is the ancients who said that “the disease is not cured” and the cause of cancer is studied. According to a study in the United States, nearly 50% of cancer patients in the United States can Due to controllable risk factors, including smoking, overweight, drinking, intake of beef and mutton and processed meat, low intake of fruits and vegetables and dietary calcium, too little activity, exposure to UV radiation, specific viral infections, etc. These factors are not endowed with parental DNA, but can be regulated by their own control. In other words, if you control it properly, you can avoid cancer!

Among these common risk factors: tobacco ranks first, 19% of cancers and 29% of cancer deaths are related to smoking. The four most closely related cancers are lung cancer and laryngeal cancer. , esophageal cancer, bladder cancer; the second is overweight, nearly 8% of cancers and 7% of cancer deaths are related to overweight, and cancers closely related to overweight include endometrial cancer, female breast cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer Etc. Drinking is also a common high-risk factor. The types of cancer closely related to alcohol abuse are oropharyngeal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.; excessive intake of red meat iu, such as excessive beef and mutton, can increase the incidence of colorectal cancer. HPV infection is associated with cervical cancer, and HP infection is associated with gastric cancer.

“Smoking is harmful to health” is clearly written on the cigarette case. Everyone knows that smoking is not good, but there are still many smokers. Recently, a 30-year-old patient has a smoking history of more than 20 years, which is equivalent to smoking at the age of 13 or 14 years. Studies abroad have shown that up to 30% of cancers can be attributed to smoking, such as: 85% of lung cancer, 50% of bladder. Cancer, 30% of pancreatic cancer, and 20% of colorectal cancer are all related to smoking. Even 85-90% of lung cancer deaths are related to smoking. Some people may say that a certain person has smoked for a lifetime, and his 80s is good. Can lung cancer be set on the tobacco head? It is true that although there is no one-to-one relationship between lung cancer and smoking, most people who have lung cancer have experience of smoking or passive smoking. Similarly, in non-smokers, the incidence of lung cancer was significantly lower than that of smokers.

Smoking can cause cancer, can tobacco control reduce cancer? The United States began to control tobacco in 1965. From 1990 to the present, the adult smoking rate dropped from 42.4% to 16.8%, men who died of lung cancer decreased by 45%, and women decreased by 19%. Prove that tobacco control helps reduce lung cancer. In China, large, medium and small cities, smokers, men, women and children, the streets are everywhere. Despite the increasing ban on public places, the number of smokers has not dropped significantly. To control tobacco, we must not only have policies, but also vigorously publicize the harmful effects of smoking. It is recommended that relevant departments can learn from foreign countries, and print unscrupulous cancer images on cigarette packs to reduce the desire of smokers to buy cigarettes. For those old smokers, after the age of 40, you should check if your lungs have been smoked for decades. Is it a long thing! For other risk factors, overweight should vigorously promote its harm, encourage the public to exercise more, and do more sports. For wine, intake of beef and mutton and processed meat, fruits and vegetables and dietary calcium intake, low activity, UV radiation exposure, specific viral infections. Should be the right medicine. As long as you start with these details, I believe that everyone can reduce their cancer risk.