Cancer on a day, life-long cancer!

When we face the darkness, we can only wipe our tears to find the light.

A cancer in a day, life-long cancer!

After a month of repeated inspections, countless times of sorrows and joys, the tumor is still standing proudly in front of us. What is the probability of 0.5%? It’s funny to say that my mother’s lottery for a lifetime will not be in the middle, but she can give “lucky” to the tumor. In this way, my mother became a subject of teaching and research. Perhaps, we should think like this, doctors will be very careful when they encounter rare cases, not to dazzle knowledge with you in the morning, and ask “Who are you?” in the afternoon. It is much better. Mobile Download Anti-Cancer Guardian software to see more.

One day with cancer, lifelong anti-cancer!

The four-point color ultrasound, a molybdenum target, a PET and a lymph node biopsy report finally confirmed that my mother is breast cancer. This is followed by immunohistochemistry and perhaps a FISH. In the face of such a calm doctor, our heart slowly calmed down. Since I chose him, I can’t have any doubt about his method, right? Moreover, many patients praised him, perhaps we finally found a suitable doctor for the mother, taking the first step of healing.

With cancer in one day, it will fight cancer for life. This word will undoubtedly knock into the hearts of all patients and their families. The road is long and the road is long, and I will go up and down!

After confirming, it is natural to add three Q groups, and see many patients sharing their treatment experience and mental journey, facing the serious illness and still arrogant life attitude, is the end of the world The survival instinct inspired by the depths of the body, regardless of the final success or not, the inspirational story is worthy of our inheritance, this is also the responsibility of being a patient’s family, although I do not want to be a person with such experience. People, but since God wants me to accumulate, I can only do my best to complete the mission.

After comforting the family, I went to the hospital. First, I went to the big hospital and then went to the doctor. I finally found a good doctor and family. This is a problem again. Dad has too many recent things because of his recent affairs. There are also some minor conditions in the body. I myself tried to tell myself that this is a trivial matter, and I can get through the past…

I didn’t want to see a live film about “euthanasia”. The comments at the end of the page were divided into two factions, in favor and against. The pro-sect believes that if people live in pain, it is better to die in peace. This is respect for the deceased and respect for life. The opposition believes that those who choose to euthanasia are selfish, and do not care about the feelings of people around them. Stealing a life, only once in life, should last until the end.

Speaking of the contents of the film, the old man called all the close relatives home, signed several detailed consent forms in front of everyone, and the executive doctor explained to him the whole process of taking the medicine. We can’t understand the mood of the old man at the moment, but on the surface, he is very calm and has no hesitation. The people around me, besides watching, didn’t mean to stop. After signing the document, the old man drank a cup of non-toxic syrup, which is said to protect the stomach, perhaps to prevent any discomfort in the subsequent euthanasia. The old man hugged a goodbye with his relatives and friends. The content is probably saying “In my life, grateful to have you appear, I love you! Goodbye, man!”. The old man and his wife are sitting next to each other on the sofa. The old man said to his wife: “I am very grateful to have your company in the last part of my life. You have to take care of yourself in the future. I have to take a step! You can do as usual. , stroking my hand, do you sleep?”, his wife said “Of course!”. Then the old man took the last potion and soon fell asleep. The executive doctor said that the old man first had deep sleep, and then the heart gradually stopped in an unconscious state. In this way, the old man, accompanied by friends and family, went through a lifetime of peace and prosperity.

We don’t know why the old man chooses to euthanasia because he looks healthy. But since this is the case, there must be reasons for not wanting to continue to survive. If one day, my mom told me that she didn’t want to be treated, maybe I also want the old family to respect her wishes. After all, she has the right to choose her own life. If she is deprived of her rights because of our disappointment, This is our selfishness. People can’t choose to be born. Isn’t the right to death to be controlled by others? My mom said that she is not afraid of death, she is afraid of death.

I don’t know what the future road looks like. I just feel that I suddenly cherish this little family and become more interested in chatting with my parents. Maybe I have found the feeling of being a baby and can’t leave. parents!

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One day with cancer, life-long cancer!

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There is cancer in one day, life-long cancer!