Cancer is terminally ill! Fighting with poison, the malaria parasite is expected to beat cancer!

The malaria parasite is mentioned. The first thing that people think of is the malaria that is “fearful” and far away, but you can’t think that one day the malaria parasite will become a good target for fighting cancer.

Cancer stagnation! To fight poison, Plasmodium is expected to beat cancer !

This year, 64-year-old Mr. Chang, who was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer during his physical examination, has lost his chance of surgery. Occasionally, I saw the Plasmodium immunotherapy recruiting clinical volunteers, so he came to Guangzhou to become a volunteer with a try-and-see attitude. After a period of treatment, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the tumor lesions in the body disappeared! The attending physician believes that Mr. Chang has a 60% chance of being cured, but still needs to observe for five years to finally prove that he has been cured.

The “amazing reversal” that happened to Mr. Chang means that the immunotherapy of Plasmodium in China has achieved initial results in the treatment of cancer. Even if you are in advanced cancer, you can take it back from the hands of death!

Cancer is terminally ill! To fight poison, the malaria parasite is expected to beat cancer !

The malaria parasite that would have caused malaria actually has such an effect. It turns out that Plasmodium infection activates the body’s immune system. The Plasmodium, originally used for immunotherapy of Plasmodium, is called Plasmodium falciparum and is a relatively benign Plasmodium. Historically, there have been cases of treatment with Plasmodium. An Austrian scientist has successfully used Plasmodium for the treatment of neurosyphilis, and the scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1927.

Our Datianchao is also the originator of the therapy of poisoning and poisoning. Unfortunately, most of the prescriptions have not been passed down. Nowadays, modern people have begun to study this therapy carefully, such as using snail venom to treat diabetes, electric shock therapy for depression, using mosquitoes to treat dengue fever, using tumor cells to suppress cancer cells, and so on.

Cancer is terminally ill! To fight poison, Plasmodium is expected to beat cancer !

There will be a day in the future, and the terminal illness will disappear in this world.

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