Cancer is not equal to terminal illness, we refuse to talk about cancer!

Cancer is also called a malignant tumor. If you get cancer, it must be equal to terminal illness, equal to death? But in fact, it’s not! Cancer is not an incurable disease!

First of all, we must correct this misconception of “cancer= terminal illness= death”. The correct concept should be: cancer is a “one type of disease”, it is not a “one” disease! Therefore, we must be very scared in the face of cancer! why? Because there are too many types of cancer, and depending on the type and clinical treatment, its prognosis and survival rate are not the same. And modern medical concepts are turning cancer into a chronic disease, similar to chronic diseases that can be controlled, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc., because they cannot be completely cured, but such a concept does not cause people in most cases. Fear, in fact, no matter what kind of disease, people are trying to control it, delay life and improve the quality of life, this is the purpose of treating cancer, so the idea of ​​cancer can be broken !

Cancer is not a terminal illness, we refuse Talking about cancer color change!

Of course, some cancers detected mean that life is coming to an end, such as pancreatic cancer, which is known as the “king of cancer” But not all cancers will come as fierce as cancers like pancreatic cancer, which is the terminal illness in people’s mouth! There are also some slow progresses that can be used to intervene and block the spread of cancer cells through surgery or other treatments to achieve better therapeutic effects, such as thyroid cancer, which has a 5-year survival rate of 95%, 10 The annual survival rate is 90%, it is also cancer, but as long as this cancer is detected and treated early, its prognosis is also very good! There are also cancers such as breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

Cancer does not equal the terminal illness, we refuse Talking about cancer discoloration!

We should have a rational understanding of cancer. The so-called cancer is the deterioration of cells in the body and become malignant tumors. They exist in some parts. Organs and organs, they can also metastasize to invade nearby tissues and organs, they can progress very quickly, or they can progress very slowly, so the key is to understand how the nature of this cancer is, how is its tumor stage? At present, its clinical treatment and prognosis are how! If you don’t understand this, you will end up with the idea that you will die if you get cancer. This is actually a very undesirable behavior!

Cancer does not equal the terminal illness, we refuse Talking about cancer discoloration!

What we need to understand is that the current tumor staging system is the TNM staging system, depending on the size of the primary tumor, depth of invasion, lymphatic metastasis, and There are no distant or near metastasis, the tumor is divided into one, two, three, and four phases, the first phase is early, the second and third phases are medium term, and the fourth phase is advanced. Clinically, according to these stages, the corresponding standardized treatment methods are determined. Therefore, the survival time after treatment is not the same, so people should do is to cope with early detection and early treatment of cancer, to have a certain awareness of prevention, and actively participate in cancer screening.

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