Cancer is not equal to terminal illness! At least these seven cancers can be cured

A lot of people think that once they get cancer, they are incurable. It’s not far from death. Actually, not all cancers are fatal. As long as they are treated properly, most cancers are It can be controlled, at least seven of which can be cured.

1, gastric cancer: the transition from infectious diseases to chronic diseases

China has always been a high incidence area of ​​gastric cancer. The proportion of young people with stomach cancer is increasing, and 15% of the patients are young people under 40 years old. The cure rate of gastric cancer is also related to early detection. If it is detected early and treated early, gastric cancer is also a disease with a cure rate of more than 60%.

Cancer is not a terminal illness! At least these seven cancers can Healing

WH0 found that 50% of gastric cancer is associated with Helicobacter pylori infection. In China, 60% of patients with stomach diseases have Helicobacter pylori infection. Some researchers even refer to gastric cancer as an “infectious disease” because Helicobacter pylori infection is related to the Chinese “community meal” habit, and it is recommended that the outside eater should have a good habit of using ingredients or using public chopsticks.

2, skin cancer: cancer that is more prone to high incidence in summer

Skin cancer is a common malignant tumor in Caucasians, but the incidence rate in China has increased in recent years. It is gratifying that skin cancer is a malignant tumor that is easy to cure, provided that it is detected early and treated early. The occurrence of skin cancer is related to the acidic internal environment. The acidified body fluid environment is a fertile soil for normal cell cancer, which regulates the acid-base balance of body fluids and can effectively prevent skin cancer.

3, Lung cancer: Low-dose spiral CT helps early detection

Lung cancer is the “most lethal tumor” because it is usually difficult to find early. Once there is obvious irritating cough, blood in the sputum or hemoptysis, chest pain, shortness of breath and other symptoms to the hospital, it is often in the middle and late stages.

Cancer is not a terminal illness! At least these seven cancers can Healing

In recent years, medical scientists have been looking for ways to effectively treat lung cancer. With the advancement of medical imaging technology, the use of low-dose spiral CT scanning of the chest helps to detect early stage lung cancer. In the early stage of lung cancer, if the surgery is timely, the 5-year and 10-year survival rates can reach 85% and 50%.

4. Cervical cancer: cancer that can be prevented by vaccination

Cervical cancer is the most easily cured cancer. If you can find it early, the cure rate can reach almost 100%. Moreover, the world’s first successfully developed cancer vaccine is the cervical cancer vaccine. The high cure rate of cervical cancer has undoubtedly made humans full of confidence in the cause of overcoming cancer.

5, colorectal cancer: 80% of early colorectal cancer can be cured

Statistics show that the incidence of colorectal cancer and the level of economic development are on the rise. Compared with gastric cancer, colorectal cancer has a tendency to “change this”. At one time, China was a big country with stomach disease, which was the product of the era of material shortage. Now, the reality brought about by the material rich era is that the prevalence of gastric cancer is reduced and the incidence of colorectal cancer is increasing. Colorectal cancer is a disease closely related to diet. The high-fat, low-fiber diet structure combined with sedentary movement is the biggest cause of disease.

Cancer is not a terminal illness! At least these seven cancers can Healing

As a malignant tumor, the treatment of colorectal cancer is still a “trilogy” of surgery, drugs and radiotherapy. For early detection of intestinal cancer, the cure rate can be as high as 80% or more. Moreover, the trauma of the operation is not large. For very early tumors, laparoscopic surgery can be done.

6, breast cancer: the most suitable cancer for personalized treatment

Breast cancer is a cancer that makes all women feel fearful. It is not only life-threatening, but also exposes women to the problem of the lack of gender characteristics. It is a malignant tumor with great physical and psychological lethality. But now breast cancer has become one of the most cured cancers. If found early, early treatment, 70% of women can still regain health. And now the level of medical development has maximized breast-conserving, reducing the pain of surgery and damage to the body to a minimum.

7, malignant lymphoma: 50% of early lymphoma can be cured

Malignant lymphoma was considered to be incurable in the past, but with the recent treatment of targeted drugs The advent of the 5-year survival rate of malignant lymphoma has exceeded 50%. Among them, the early cure rate of Hodgkin’s lymphoma is more than 80%. A large number of clinical trials have confirmed that 50% of patients with early lymphoma can be cured after immunotherapy, and half of them can survive healthy after 5 years of illness.