Cancer choices – farmers’ cancer

The father was born in 2012. He was diagnosed with advanced cancer. He arranged the bed in the hospital and immediately started the operation. After all, it is a late stage cancer. Not only the surgery is large, but the patient suffers more. The medical expenses are also high. The most confusing thing is that the recurrence rate of cancer is high, which is the most unacceptable.

Cancer's Choice - Farmer's Cancer

As the saying goes, three points to see a doctor, seven points to raise a disease. It is in this kind of heart that the father is advised to go home and go home to be well convalesced. However, the father returned to his hometown and did not cultivate himself. He went out early and went out to work “male” all day long – mahjong!

The choice of cancer - cancer of farmers

Mother is also very opposed to playing mahjong, saying that a normal person, sitting in the chess room playing mahjong, sitting for a day, can not stand, the air inside Poor, all smoke, misty, not ventilated, but also open air-conditioning, sit down one day, sore legs and bones, not to mention you a serious illness.

Cancer's Choice - Farmer's Cancer

My father couldn’t listen to it, and sometimes deliberately took the death of his mother. “There is nothing to die if you can’t die.” There is no way, only by him. It was the father’s own statement, and it was very scary at the moment.

After discharge, the doctor went to the hospital for review for 2 months. By the second review, his father’s cancer relapsed.

The doctor said that there is no way for the cancer to recur in the late stage. It is said before the operation. If you don’t have surgery, you will only go home and die, countdown! If you continue the operation, you can also have a larger operation than the previous one, the cost is higher, the recurrence is not guaranteed, and it may be recurring for a few months, or longer. Think about it yourself.

Cancer's Choice - Farmer's Cancer

The choice of cancer - Farmer's cancer

First of all, the father is willing to do not hesitate to continue treatment. The father said that he still wants to continue treatment and spend more time, but the previous time The savings at the surgery home are not much. I was 24 years old. I have not yet got a family. My sister is married. I will definitely support my relatives. I personally certainly don’t have enough financial ability. So I have relatives at home. They all came together and explained the situation!

The doctor’s diagnosis, as well as the patient, the patient’s family, at the time, only me and my father were in the hospital, and other relatives were not present, so the family went to the hospital together and the doctor re-diagnosed. Once, the result is still the same. However, the doctor said that it is more detailed. If the operation continues, the hospital will definitely have no problem and will agree. However, the cost of surgery, the previous time spent about 200,000, this time is twice the last time, the risk of surgery is also higher, the recurrence rate is still the same, the success rate of surgery, the late recurrence hospital is not guaranteed. Most likely, the patient can’t support it on the operating table. The family has seen the doctor’s diagnosis. The father does not want to see it. My father continues to treat. I am the same, but my father still wants medical treatment. The corresponding preparations, the surgery continued, the expenses were temporarily shared, and I have money to pay back later. I plan to do this first.

Cancer's Choice - Farmer's Cancer

My uncle is the security guard of the hospital. Relatively speaking, we have to know more about medical treatment. Everyone is not willing to have a father to re-operation, but who is willing and persuaded Father gave up treatment? My sister and my brother-in-law are both younger generations. Their identity is not suitable for persuasion, and they are even more unwilling to be famous. Other relatives advised that it was a bit “soft”, and said that he couldn’t move his father. Later, the second uncle said, all the reputations I came to carry, let him yell at me, said the father harder, not good for sickness, sitting in the mahjong hall. Playing mahjong, healthy people can’t do it, not to mention that you are still a “broken can”. The best way to tell my father is after me, my wife is still not jealous, and the debts I will bear later, when will I return, bring me Stress, the reality of society now, which girl will follow me in the future? You are like this now, there is no way, consider considering your child for the future!

After his own ideological struggle, his father finally gave up his surgery, said that he would not look at the hospital, or he would feel bad about his son.

The relatives said that if you have any wish, we can help you with it, and we will try our best to help you. My father said that there is no wish, that is, I have no wife, if I marry a wife, he is dead. I feel more at ease, I said that you have come home with peace of mind! Before you die, you must take your wife home! This father went away with tears, saying that he came to Shanghai for the last time, no later!

After sending your father, continue to work. After the focus, finding a wife is more important than work.

I met my current wife and married before my father died, and told my father that my wife was pregnant and returned my father’s wish. My father died a week after I got married. It is. In the same year, my son was born.

Cancer's Choice - Farmer's Cancer