Canadians interested in science will not want to vote for the NDP

I have to admit that I found this story to fall.

NDP federal health critic Don Davies opposes plans to halt wild, wild, western natural health products and supplements that afflict desperate Canadians.

The proposed regulations are intended to require, gasp, that natural health products have evidence that they are both safe and effective before they are allowed to be sold.

In the history of CBC, Davies even shared the common line that it is too expensive for supplement manufacturers to conduct studies to prove that their products work. This statement contradicts the other one quoted in the same article, which states that the natural health industry enjoys $ 12 billion in Canadian revenue and $ 2 billion in exports.

But even if that were true, there is a potentially painful federal health minister arguing that we should not require proof of safety and efficacy for products sold to Canadians in the name of treating their medical conditions, for anyone even interested in an iota with science, you have to be a non-beginner.

And it's getting worse.

Davies, trying to promote his post-science world view, encouraged people to sign a petition developed by the Health Action Network (HANS) Society, a charity in Vancouver with a history of spreading anti-Semitism. did not cooperate with him directly.

Shame, shame, shame, indeed.