Can diabetes be cured? How to control diabetes? How do diabetics prevent diabetic foot?

With the improvement of living standards, the development of the food industry, the accelerated pace of life, and the increasing number of obese people, this has directly led to the increasing incidence of chronic diseases, in which diabetes accounts for a very large The important position, not only in the adult population, the incidence has increased year by year, more and more children have joined the group of people with diabetes, from the 2017 Health Week held in the headlines, we can see that diabetes is most concerned about Chinese people. The disease has already ranked third. In fact, diabetes has become more and more important. Whether it is from prevention or treatment, it has become a particularly important topic. Can diabetes be cured? Can diabetes cause blindness? How can diabetes prevent diabetic foot? How to control diabetes?

Can diabetes be cured? How to control diabetes? Diabetes How to prevent diabetic foot?

Can diabetes be cured?

The question about whether diabetes can be cured has been discussed for a long time, but according to the latest research published in the most authoritative medical journal “Lancet”, type 2 diabetes is dieting by dieting. After that, it is possible to control the blood sugar to the normal range without taking medicine. This is a very good news for patients with type 2 diabetes, but this is only the experimental research result of type 2 diabetes, and it is limited to 2 The cure of type 2 diabetes patients, from the research results, the better the results of weight loss, the higher the recovery rate of type 2 diabetes, which means that obesity plays a very important role in the problem of type 2 diabetes. This is mainly because type 2 diabetes is mainly caused by insulin resistance and the function of B cells to secrete insulin, which leads to relatively insufficient insulin secretion, and obesity not only accelerates the destruction of B cells, but also makes insulin secretion less and less. And obese people usually have higher visceral fat, and the higher the visceral fat, the lower the sensitivity of insulin, and because of this reason, weight loss will be effective for curing type 2 diabetes. However, people with type 2 diabetes are not all able to be cured as long as they lose weight, but healing by weight loss is an effective way, and as the proportion of weight loss increases, the cure rate will also increase. It is also important to emphasize that if people with type 2 diabetes want to cure people with diabetes through weight loss, they must start to lose weight at the doctor’s advice, avoiding excessive reductions and other nutrients during the period. s damage.

Can diabetes be cured? How to control diabetes? Diabetes How to prevent diabetic foot?

Can diabetes cause blindness?

We all know that diabetes has many complications, especially eye complications, which can cause a lot of inconvenience and pain in life. There are two main complications in the eyes of diabetic patients. It is a lesion of the retina, and the light is a microscopic aneurysm of the fundus, bleeding or exudation, and severe retinal detachment and blindness. The other is cataract. The incidence of cataract is more than that of the elderly, and it will be advanced, but there are also people of all ages, a kind of “true diabetic cataract” will occur, and the incidence is faster. Although diabetic patients have 25 times more blindness due to complications than non-diabetics, it does not mean that all diabetic patients with symptoms of eye diseases will be blind, as long as the stability of blood sugar control can delay the onset of complications and delay the concurrent The development of the disease, these are strictly controlled from the diet, stable blood sugar will make the quality of life of diabetics better.

Can diabetes be cured? How to control diabetes? Diabetes How to prevent diabetic foot?

How can diabetes prevent diabetic foot?

About the complications of diabetes, there is also a very painful and affecting quality of life, that is, diabetic foot. Because diabetics can develop lesions in the lower extremity, it is easy to cause infection/gangrene and ulceration, which leads to the occurrence of diabetic foot. However, the self-occurring diabetic foot, that is, the probability of diabetic foot caused by the disease alone is lower than the usual probability of not paying attention to it. Usually, the occurrence of diabetic foot is due to the lack of attention to the lifestyle, such as health, that is, bare. The foot is walking on the gravel road, or usually pays little attention to the change of the foot to cause trauma, and the diabetic foot occurs because the wound is not easy to recover, and because the blood of the diabetic has sweetness, it is easy to breed bacteria and is not easy to recover. It is also easy to cause infection. Usually, people with diabetes are not sensitive enough to the feeling of the lower limbs because of the lesions of the nervous system. Many people with diabetes have wounds on the soles of their feet or are scratched by sharp objects, which is more likely to be caused by the inability to treat and care for the wounds. Thereby forming a diabetic foot. Therefore, people with diabetes should always pay attention to changes in the foot. If trauma occurs, they should be treated immediately, and care should be taken. The most important thing is not to walk barefoot on the ground, and usually pay attention to protecting the foot and avoid the occurrence of diabetic foot.

Can diabetes be cured? How to control diabetes? Diabetes How to prevent diabetic foot?

How to control diabetes?

For the control of diabetes, in addition to the weight control of type 2 diabetes, for patients with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, controlling blood sugar is called the weight of the weight, then for type 2 For dieting weight loss in diabetes, it is important to note that:

  1. dieting, weight loss should not be too fast, in terms of the size of the base, It is best not to exceed 10 pounds per month. It is an internationally healthy and reasonable weight loss range, even if the base is large (that is, people with heavy weight) should not be too different.

  2. Dieting and losing weight must not break the staple food. That is to say, even in the stage of diet weight loss, the staple food should be fully ingested, mainly because the diabetics themselves The problem of insulin can’t metabolize the sugar in the blood. The decomposition of fat requires the participation of carbohydrates, that is, sugar. If there is no sugar, it means that the fat is abnormally decomposed and it is easy to produce an acid ketone. Body, can cause ketoacidosis, if diabetics do not eat staple food during weight loss, it will accelerate ketoacidosis. The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents are recommended to be no less than 250-400g per day. Diabetes is best to eat miscellaneous grains of rice, which can help smooth the blood sugar after meals.

  3. Three meals on time, balanced diet, adequate nutrition, because there are kidney problems in diabetic complications, so try not to have a high protein diet for the protein, give the kidneys Too much burden, diabetics need 1g/kg of protein per day, which is 1g per kilogram of body weight, based on their own weight, accounting for how much they need each day.

  4. The right amount of exercise. According to the physical condition of the individual, obesity will bring a lot of pressure on the joints. If the exercise is too intense, it will easily cause joint damage, so the movement is gradual, no matter the amount of exercise or the time of exercise, it must not be too hasty.

  5. Follow the doctor’s advice, pay close attention to your body’s indicators during weight loss, and you must not stop taking it without your doctor’s consent. serious consequence.

Can diabetes? Cure? How to control diabetes? How do diabetics prevent diabetic foot?

So for type 1 diabetics, of course, it is still a commonplace to control blood sugar and make blood sugar more stable. This can delay the onset of complications, then for the diet of patients with type 1 diabetes:

  1. staple food mix, miscellaneous grains Rice /miscellaneous food gimmicks are very suitable for diabetics, but potatoes should pay attention, if you want to eat, try to eat after meals, eat less, eat slowly. But yam can be eaten with the meal. If a diabetic wants to drink porridge, you can follow the three principles: cook quickly, put less water, and add more grains. Why do you have less water and quicker cooking, mainly because the cooking is too long and the water is too much, which will make the rice gelatinous and the glycemic index rise.

  2. Vegetables and vegetables have higher dietary fiber content, especially dark green leafy vegetables, which not only help to delay postprandial blood sugar, but also rich in vitamins.

  3. The meat is eaten in moderation, especially the fat is eaten as little as possible. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents are recommended not to be 40-75g. Try not to exceed the standard. Meat contains high protein, and eating it in moderation will not put too much burden on the kidneys.

  4. Fruit, fruit is high in fructose, and many fruits have a very high glycemic index, which is not conducive to glycemic control in diabetics, but regardless of the level of the nutritional index, as long as it is well controlled The amount can be eaten, but there are several principles to follow: eat after meals/small food/small stuttering/slowly. The number of fruits with high glycemic index can be eaten as follows:

Can diabetes be cured? How to control diabetes? How can diabetics prevent diabetic foot?