Can a social security card be lent to others?

The social security card can be loaned to others at will?

Authoritative statement: Social security card is not only a kind of identity certificate, but also can be used for medical treatment settlement, self-service inquiry, and can also receive treatment and cash access. However, everyone must be aware that the following acts, in violation of the provisions of the Basic Medical Insurance Law, may be suspended from using social security cards, or even criminally accountable!

1. Purchase of daily necessities, physical fitness or health care that are not directly related to disease treatment, etc.;

2, medical dressing (materials), resale of medicines, application and Falsely inspecting treatment projects, etc., defrauding medical insurance funds, over-provisioning drug hoarding drugs, etc.;

3, fraudulently using other people’s social security cards;

4, lending their social security card Give others;

5. Forgery or use of medical records and medical invoices such as false medical records, prescriptions, test report sheets, and disease diagnosis certificates, as medical insurance account reimbursement documents, will be regarded as medical insurance fraud; /p>

6. In the hospital, using social security cards to open drugs that exceed the required amount of the disease, and then reselling them to others, this is a behavior of taking social security funds, illegal profits and improper profits.