C Luo sleep tips, sleep coach to save your sleep!

According to the survey, 10,000 modern cities live with young people, and less than 10% have higher sleep quality. Others either have low sleep quality or are anxious and sleepless at night.

C Luo sleep tips, sleep coach saves your sleep !

There are basically two sleep concepts: one is to sleep for three or four hours in order to work hard, like Edison or Harvard learning; the other is not to guarantee sleep. How to work efficiently?

And the secret of Cristiano Ronaldo is to sleep for 12 hours a day. So is his sleep method right?

C Luo sleep tips, sleep coach saves your sleep !

I believe this is a global issue, and Real Madrid has carefully adjusted the sleep settings. When Mourinho led Real Madrid, there was a rule that “no nap can be more than half an hour”, which made Real Madrid players miserable. But later in the Ancelotti coaching period, Real Madrid hired British Nick Ritu Hailes, a special “sleep coach” to teach players how to have a better sleep. Nick advocates “free sleep”, some are night owls, some are morning type, which is determined by genes. Nick divides sleep into 90 minutes, and it is ideal to complete 5 sleep cycles (7 and a half hours) per day. The status, and the specific sleep time can be arranged according to the actual situation. After studying the physical condition, daily routine and exercise of C Ronaldo and other players with Real Madrid team doctor, Nick produced a detailed “sleep file”. Nick lifted Mu Shuai’s nap ban, and between 1 and 3 pm every afternoon, the players were free to enter the lounge for a lunch break. Cristiano Ronaldo’s 12-hour sleep included Nick’s recommended lunch break.

C Luo sleep tips, sleep coach saves your sleep

And for the sleep of our general public, it is still to rely on “sleep coach” Nick to save, he is the former president of the British Sleep Association, engaged in sleep science research for more than 30 years The proposed R90 sleep program has been recognized by the top professionals in the sports and business sectors and is considered an ideal solution for efficient sleep. In May 2017, Nick, with many years of experience, published a book called Sleep Revolution to solve sleep problems.

It is important to mention sleep in the book. Studies have shown that sleep is a necessary means for the brain to clean up harmful substances. The human brain wants a computer. When it runs, it will produce temporary garbage and cannot be disposed of. Only sleep can deal with harmful substances accumulated in the brain. If it lacks sleep for a long time, it will lead to cognitive decline and alertness. Lead to brain atrophy, LC neurons will be 25% less than normal people.

So, it is clear that the first concept of sleep is wrong.

For people with poor sleep quality and even long-term insomnia, the book also gives the corresponding solution. The book points out that when it is difficult to fall asleep. Try to remember things that are worthy of gratitude in life. Recalling the things that are worthy of gratitude in life is a matter of operability and strength. If you are troubled by insomnia, you may wish to try it.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, the book lists seven key indicators for restoring sleep: circadian rhythm, sleep type, sleep cycle, routines before and after sleep, daytime naps, bedding sets, and sleeping environment.

C Luo sleep tips, sleep coach saves your sleep !

C Luo sleep Tips, sleep coaches save your sleep!

The book also gives detailed examples, using clear and easy-to-understand icons to showcase the day when the R90 program is enabled, to help you plan more Efficient sleep.

C Luo sleep tips, sleep coach saves your sleep !

In the end, you will find that you will not take sleep as a burden, use sleep as a tool to improve your mental strength.