Buyers in UK supermarkets who bought unwanted foods buying 16% fewer small junk feeds a year later

So it was not a randomized trial, but the results were still interesting.

In the UK, a number of supermarkets have decided to stop selling the pulp buying small packets for neat drinks. The researchers who were curious about the impact had a look at their sales data.

What they found was encouraging and described their findings in their article. Supermarket Policies for Less Healthy Foods in Checkouts: Physical Experimental Assessment Using Intermittent Market Time Analyzes. In fact, compared to supermarket purchases that still sell on small-package ceilings, buyers bought 16% fewer packages of small supermarket packages that do not offer temptation for junk food.

Considering ubiquitous snack food, and here I am not just talking about the supermarket but almost every checkout route, cleaning them is a very real goal in improving our food environment. And before you say it can not be done, it has been done with "Power walls"(but there is some irony here in that at least some of the new walls hide cigarettes are used for junk advertising)