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The next morning I found myself blinking in this guy for a few burgers I searched for. Josey is my neighbor (ladies, do not hate), and is very inspired – full of all the flour, grains and grain. As a secondary note, when I come to show him how to make his dark mountain bread, you will be the first to know. I see Josey around a lot, and sometimes we talk about what we're cooking. So, there he was, telling him about a bunch of muffins I was especially at, was only GOOD.
Sugar with buttery muffin buttery recipe

Shovel with asparagus bars with sugar, great taste, buttermilk texture, we kept on going. On the way home I thought I would probably have to write them down. Here it goes.
Sugar with buttery muffin buttery recipe

I used whole wheat flour, squid from last summer (frozen) and put them with candied rose sugar. They are not too sweet and are nice and moist from the buttermilk and the banana couple working in the very fat batter. Although, it is worth noting that after baking the banana flavor does not crush the berries.
Sugar with buttery muffin buttery recipe

You can use any berries that you like, frozen or otherwise. Cranberries are always good, and chopped strawberries are also the favorite in muffins.

Sugar with buttery muffin buttery recipeSugar with buttery muffin buttery recipe

Now, here's the magic. To make these extremely special, I decided to overcome them. I like the combination of berries and rose, and that's part of what inspired the roses and spices that got the sugar. The next time I could squeeze even the muffins, the last minutes of baking, with rose water (or rose water), or something similar to it, to increase the floral appearance.