Burn your calories!

Have you been brainwashed by this song recently

burning my calories! ! ~

By the doughnut pearl tea instant noodles

hot pot rice big dish chicken

take away and take away polite

bye the caffeine ring Coke ring is greasy

Sofa takeaway game

burn your calories!

these It’s okay to take it away

But it’s not good to take the small beef! ! !

For everyone, it’s not that meat is fat.

For example, chicken breast and beef will not be very fat.

Many people are used to lose weight. Meal

burn your calories!

The calories of a piece of beef

The calories per 100 grams of steak are 107.00 kcal, the protein is 22.20 grams, and the fat is 0.90 grams. Beef is rich in protein, and the amino acid composition is closer to the human body than pork, which can improve the body’s disease resistance. From the above data, we can see that the fat content of the steak is lower than other meats, and the type of steak is different, such as different types of steaks such as sirloin, T-bone, and Philippine. Because the meat is taken from different parts, the calories contained are also A little different.

 Burn your calories!

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Eating steaks has many benefits for us, mainly Focus on the following two points:

1, beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition is closer to the human body than pork, can improve the body’s disease resistance, for growth and development, and after surgery, after the illness It is especially suitable for supplementing blood loss and repairing tissues. The cold winter beef can warm the stomach and is a good product for the season;

2, beef has Buzhongyiqi, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the bones and muscles, and suffocate the wind. The effect of quenching thirst and stopping phlegm is suitable for people who have hidden qi, shortness of breath, weak bones, soft bones, long-term anemia and yellow eyes.

When you eat steak, the most important thing is to find out a taboo of the steak. Only those who know the steaks of the steak can enjoy the delicious taste of the steak. For those suffering from infectious diseases, liver diseases, kidney disease, people should be careful; yellow beef is a hair, suffering from sores, eczema, acne scars, itching should be used with caution, high cholesterol, high fat, elderly, children, weak digestion People should not eat too much.

Besides the taboos who want to pay attention to the steaks, do you know the steaks? Steaks can’t be eaten with white wine because they are easy to get angry; steaks and chestnuts eat together and vomit; steaks and leeks eat together and are poisoned; steaks and snails eat together, should not be digested, bloated; steaks and brown sugar eat together, not conducive to Absorption of nutrients. If you have all the above content, then when you eat steak, you have no worries!

 Burn your calories!

Can calves be eaten regularly?

Beef steak can be eaten regularly, but every time you eat it, you should eat it in moderation. After all, the nutrients absorbed by each person are limited. Only the right amount of food can ensure the full absorption of nutrition!

The main benefits of eating steaks are: the body’s nutrition in absorbing diverse foods, it is impossible to get all the nutrients needed, but the most direct and most complete intake from the steak. Moreover, the nutrient content of the steak is very high. The 22 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body every day, more than half of the amino acids can be made by the human body, but there are 8 kinds of amino acids which cannot be made in the human body, and are called essential amino acids. It must be taken from food. The lean portion of the steak is also rich in high-quality protein, iron, vitamin B and other excellent nutrients.

 Burn your calories!

How to eat calves during weight loss!

Be careful to use a non-stick pan to fry the steak so you don’t drain the oil and reduce the heat. Choose mignon steak, the average supermarket bagged frozen steak 150 grams only 130 calories, with a boiled egg 65 calories, some vegetables 35 calories, the total calories is only 230 calories, the calorie intake for weight loss is very Reasonable, nutrition is also in place.

Practice: Marinate the steak first, and apply Shanghai salt (table salt can also be used), black pepper and olive oil (small amount) on the surface of the steak for one hour. Hot pot, put the steak in a pan, fry according to the thickness, thin for half a minute, thick cut on both sides for 1-2 minutes, add garlic and rosemary, clip the garlic with a clip It will taste better on the surface of the steak. After frying until you want the cookedness, you can start the pot, cut the boiled eggs, mix the vegetable salad, and you can put it on and eat it!

 Burn your calories!

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