British University Sports

The employment rate of British sports major is very high. The setting of sports major in the UK is the cradle of transporting quality talents to the sports industry. This perfect delivery system determines the practicality of the professional courses students learn in school. . Therefore, it is necessary for Chinese students to understand the sports system in Britain that is completely different from China. Moreover, as a big football country, with many sports clubs and frequent competitions, this kind of favorable environment is very helpful for students to gain valuable practical experience, and experience is the biggest advantage of employment.

 UK University of Physical Education

Loughborough University Sports Major

Loughborough University is a founding member of the M5 University Alliance and the 1994 University Alliance, and its ranking has risen in recent years. It is famous for sports, and sports professional rankings are the world! The school has a large number of sports and fitness equipment, a swimming pool and track and field with the Olympic standard version, as well as badminton halls, theme stocks, tennis courts and other sports venues.

Li Sichen Studying in 360 Recommended Major: MSc Sport and Exercise Sciences

Course introduction and entry requirements: This major covers a wide range, especially for I want to be an applicant for sports and sports psychologists and who want to continue to study sports PhD. Undergraduate majors are required to be in sports, sports and psychology, IELTS 6.5 (single item no less than 6) /TOEFL 100 (single item no less than 20)

Lavburg University other sports major courses: MSc Sport Management , MSc Sport Coaching, MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology. Among them, MSc Sport Management does not require a relevant professional background.

 UK University of Physical Education

University of Birmingham Sports

Recommended majors: MSc Sport and Exercise Sciences, MSc Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, MSc Applied Golf Management Studies, etc.