Brewing some turmeric tea

I've heard and read a lot about turmeric tea in the past and there are some good and some bad experiences I've had with it.

First of all, why turmeric tea? Well my family is a little nervous about cooking with Turmeric roots which is a bit weird but at the same time you see fresh turmeric it is a bit bright. Curtain is known to be very powerful anti-inflammatory and from my donation Nephrosis a few weeks ago I had many aches and pains that I thought curcumin could help me with.

Anti-inflammatory and kidney

brewing turmeric teaMost anti-inflammatory pills are hard on your kidneys. I have the permission to take Tylenol for pain, but I have to avoid NSAID medications that I have used in the past. I have used Naproxen every time I hurt myself just to get the swelling, but since then, I have learned, especially with a kidney, that these pills can really hurt a kidney.

The other common pill for me to take would be ibuprofen – also known as Advil. This is also bad for your kidneys, so be on the outs with me.

So Turmeric is. Most studies seem to show that curcumin is good on your kidneys and the fact that it can get rid of inflammation has done something that I really want to experiment with this week.

At first I tried to use Turmeric powder. Most of us have this in our cupboards and in my case I decided to add it to a smooth. I don't know who these bloggers are that talk about how good turmeric powder is From first hand experience I can tell you it was awesome in a fruit smoothie.

I was drinking it because I hated to throw away food, but I wasn't a fan.

Then try to find fresh turmeric roots. I've looked in the past and only found turmeric at an entire grocery / grocery store and the nearest one to me is a terribly long distance so I tried to look over time at groceries and I never had the chance to find it.

I tried this weekend at an Asian grocery, T and T grocery store, and I was lucky enough to find a pack of roots for only $ 2.84 – exactly my price (cheap).

How to Make Turmeric Tea |

So, looking at the picture here you can see that in order to prepare the turmeric Tea I just had to get it thin, some people grill it, but things are glowing orange and smears everything easy. I cut two roots in my tea and gave them boiling water.

I leave it on for 10 or 15 minutes and then let it drop into my Mickey Mouse mug. This tea is a bright orange and the smell and taste I think is really great.

Turmeric teaThere are two things we need to say about why turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory and first of all it is due to the substance Curcumin contained in turmeric itself. Curcumin has been shown in studies to work well although there is a problem of bioavailability. This means your body will not absorb curcumin very easily.

There are some things we can do to enhance this bioavailability.

I originally added a teaspoon of coconut oil to my tea – The presence of fats instead of water increases the bioavailability of curcumin

Second, I added some pepper to the tea – Piperine is the key to the chemical in black pepper and is the pepper in pepper that slows down the metabolism of curcurmin and allows it to do its work on blood circulation instead.

I loved the taste of this tea and adding a bit of coconut oil and pepper made me feel like a bit of a biohacker.

We'll see if this helps me out, but there are at least a few hundred years of Ayravenic history on my part thinking this is useful