Best banana bread with a bowl

Give this recipe for banana bread! It's perfect if you want a classic banana bread flavor and texture, but you want as little as possible disruption, drama and equipment. It's the tiniest, the best, a banana bowl I know. Still with great repayment. The promise? No mixer, a single bowl, classic flavor, and a moist and tender crumb. If you have three mature bananas in hand, chances are good that you have the other ingredients as well. Let's do it!

A recipe of banana bread with a bowl

A better banana bread recipe

What you get here is a banana bread straight ahead, or the more pleasant I have. I like my baked goods having rustic hygiene for them, you see a part of whole wheat flour and brown sugar here. Consequently, it makes banana bread more nutritious, excellent and tasty (compared to white sugar and white flour versions).

A recipe of banana bread with a bowl

Inspiration for banana bread

This particular bread banana recipe has evolved into the current state of relaxed day from this gem of Melissa Clark. I skipped any add-ons for simplicity here and I would recommend one only banana first pass. That said, you can add ingredients such as toast, chocolate pieces, citrus weeds, herbs, toasted coconut, varnishes etc!

Watch: A Bowl of Banana Bread Video

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