“Beer belly” becomes 6 packs of abdominal muscles! Complete strategy for diet and training

For a thin person, the abdominal muscles are basically alive after a week or two of abdominal muscle exercise.

For fat people, the training of the abdominal muscles is a process of fat reduction. It does not reduce the abdominal fat, and even the abdominal muscle training is a problem.

Today, Xiao Hi came to the system to talk about a fat man who wants to practice abdominal muscles. Things to be aware of:

First, normal work schedule

After many people’s obesity is not born, but the bad habits of the day after tomorrow, late sleep, sit still, sedentary time is extremely irregular of.

Be aware that many of the body’s growth, excretion, and consumption are all done during sleep, such as metabolism, endocrine, muscle synthesis, and fat consumption, all of which are done during sleep.

Fat is most efficient in burning especially during deep sleep.

A large amount of protein added after exercise can cause a serious burden on the kidneys. Unusual sleep time is extremely detrimental to kidney detoxification. The recovery of muscles and the elimination of lactic acid from exercise require adequate sleep to complete.

So don’t neglect the key factor of sleep, it has a very big impact on the whole fitness process.

Second, sports time

Pre-sleep exercise can cause nerve excitement and affect sleep, so it is not recommended Exercise before going to bed, while morning exercise is good, but for office workers, getting up early can be very troublesome. After exercise, you need to clean and rest. It is too extravagant for the valuable time in the morning.

So the better compromise is to schedule the time between noon before lunch or before 4:00 in the afternoon.

Three, how to lose weight?

Three points to practice seven points to eat, eating can be said to be the most important part, is also the most understandable part of everyone.

But there are not many people who can do this well. Because most people’s methods are very demanding, it is difficult for normal people to persist. The most common and most (short-term) effect is dieting. It can be described as three-day effect, but this method is despised because of the rebound. Fat is inevitable, and it can cause endocrine disorders and damage the body.

Recommended a fat-reducing diet:

The daily diet is divided into main food + dishes, of which the staple food, eat 2/3 in the morning, eat at noon 1/3, eat 0 at night, pay attention to see clearly, here is just the staple food, the words of the dishes, three meals casually eat, less fat dishes. High-fat, high-sugar foods are not more than once a week.

It should be noted that the “vegetables” with higher starch content should be classified as staple foods, such as potatoes.

High-fat sugar foods: fried foods, beverages, sugars, etc. These should be quit, they are the main source of calories for fat. High-fat dishes can be arranged for no more than once a week.

This kind of diet is because it only reduces the intake of carbohydrates and high-fat and high-sugar foods. There is no diet (the staple food is reduced, but the dishes can be eaten more), and the fat and sugar are not completely banned. (Not more than once a week), so sustainability is still high and hardly rebounds.

Four, daily training arrangements

Many people mention weight loss, they only think of aerobic exercise To reduce fat. The high intensity of aerobic exercise consumes a portion of fat, improves heart and lung function, and enhances metabolism. It is very good for reducing fat.

But don’t forget the strength training. After strength training, due to the need to continuously maintain nutrients after the recovery of muscles, you can continue to consume body energy and achieve continuous fat loss.

So we have to arrange aerobic exercise once a week + 5 days of strength training (parts) in the training program, so the fat loss effect is very good.

Five, the course plan is updated from time to time

Practice the abdominal muscles in addition to fat reduction, against the abdomen Intensive training of the muscles is also essential. Only by abdominal strength training can you increase the blockiness and lines of the abdominal muscles.

But the abdominal muscles are tolerant, so try to change the action as much as possible and try new actions.

Because any set of movements can’t be trained in every corner of the muscles, and after long-term training, the muscles will not be effective in stimulating the exercise habits. Therefore, it is necessary to change the abdominal muscles course on 2-3 Monday. We recommend that you pay attention to our hi sports fitness micro-signal “hiydjs”. The “Abdominal Muscle” system will recommend you all the abdominal muscle training programs for you to choose.

The above 5 points can be done well, and the abdominal muscles can be trained quickly. Choose the difficulty of the course according to your ability range, don’t make your own fitness a painful process, and those who have strong willpower can’t endure for a long time.

To be gradual, you can arrange your training plan and diet, don’t abuse yourself, don’t rush to seek success.

The following is a set of abdominal muscle training programs. There are a total of 6 movements for everyone to choose from, all of which are classic abdominal exercises. Each action is 30 times, and a total of 3 groups are trained.

The number of trainings and the number of groups here depends on the situation, to ensure the quality of the action, not the number, each action should be slower, feel the abdominal muscles, do not The number of completions is not standard, so there is a risk of injury and insufficient stimulation of the abdominal muscles.

1, roll belly

exercise upper abdomen

2, reverse roll belly

Working in the lower abdomen

3, plate support

enhance core muscle group

4, sitting posture leg

median abdominal muscle

5. Crossover

Side abscess

6, abdominal stretching


Stretch the abdominal muscles, shape your abdominal muscles, and relieve the soreness after exercise, very comfortable movements.

Scientific Fitness! Reasonable diet, refused to diet.

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