Because I care, so mind

If you don’t care

How can you feel bad for you

If you don’t love you

How would you mind what you did

Because it cares, so Mind


If you are just a stranger passing by I don’t mind what you did yesterday, or what happened today, but you are the one I care about. I care about your every move. I care about your big things. I am willing to put my gaze on you, and I am willing to turn around you 24 hours a day, because you are my most important person, the person I care most about, I have no way not to care about what you are doing.

Possibly, my concern will make you feel uncomfortable. You may feel that I am monitoring you and letting you lose your freedom, especially if you encounter bad things. I am nervous to care about your situation every minute. This kind of care will make you feel suffocated, I don’t know, but my heart is really nervous, I don’t want you to have anything, I hope that your life is full of joy and peace every day.

Sometimes, if you do something wrong, I want to eat the wrong thing and continually recite you. The same words may remind you many times, but I will continue to talk to you. Of course, if you can understand the feelings of a person, you will understand my behavior, but if you don’t understand the feelings of a person, you will feel that I am annoying and annoying…

Because you care, so mind


Bamboo is also the way to resist the boyfriend’s love for himself. I feel that there is no freedom in life, everything must be regulated, and nothing can be freely played. Sometimes, it’s going to go out for a long time, the phone will keep ringing, and there are all kinds of reminders from boyfriends; sometimes, it’s not just going to sing a song with the sisters, the boyfriend is starting to be crazy, and still Various orders of bamboo go home early; sometimes, bamboo wants to eat snacks, and the boyfriend comes to control, saying that this is not healthy, that is not hygienic or something.

Bamboo feels annoyed and wants to break up with him several times, but then I thought about it. There aren’t many people in the world who care about themselves. Not many of them will put time on themselves. People, there are not many people who know that what they are doing will be annoying, or do it… these are all because they care because they care too much about someone, they always want to know if she is good or not. I know that she is safe and not safe.

Love, sometimes a crazy thing, crazy, many people don’t know what they are doing, they just want to care about the people they love, they just want to take all their love and care. give her. People who have never experienced may not understand, but those who have experienced such a person will definitely cherish it more, because they know that such a person can not be met, such a person is full of love, as long as he can read Knowing his true heart, many things seem annoying, actually a very warm love.

 Because I care, I mind


Life is full of love. However, sometimes people don’t know how to change their minds. Although there are some things that make people feel uncomfortable, you can be careful and look at it from another angle. The result is completely different. Those who are willing to count you are nothing more than hoping that you can be promoted in error. Just as we often say, “playing is love, love is love”, it seems to be a very bad thing, but in fact it is very good. Things.

You have to know that a person who has no one to control, no matter what he does, is indeed very free and uncontrollable, but in fact he is also very lonely, no one cares, so no one cares about him. What has been done, right or wrong; no one cares, so even if he does self-harm, no one will mind or feel bad.

Dear, if someone around you cares about you, it is a bit unacceptable. I hope that you can try to measure this concern from another angle. I hope that you can understand the nervous love of some people, and always Remember: Because you care, so mind, don’t care, you won’t mind…