Because I care if I don’t mind, I’m going to be willful.

You are angry because you are not generous; you are depressed because you are not open-minded; you are anxious because you are not calm enough; you are sad because you are not strong enough; you are embarrassed because you are not enough Sunshine; you are embarrassed because you are not good enough… All these roots are in your own hands. Therefore, every trouble is the opportunity to find our own shortcomings. Success is divided into two halves. Half is in the hands of God. It is fate. The other half is in your own hands. It is desperate. Because you care if you care, you are willful

Life is full of ups and downs, you will never know what will happen next, and you will not understand why fate treats you like this. Only after you have experienced all kinds of changes in life, you will fade away from the initial glitz and look at the world in a humble manner.

I finally understand why I don’t like it because I am not enough. Hypocrisy, the mouth is not sweet enough, it won’t be a set of people, the latter set, not squinting and talking, not likeing others to be happy, always going straight. Slowly found that there is a good heart, it is better to have a good mouth, because good intentions are always better than good mouth! It’s better to say what you’re going to say, it’s better to say it’s better, life is like a play, it’s all about acting, I might not learn it in my life. Because you care if you care, you are willful

Love is very selfish, because I care about it before I go to be willful; love is very selfless, because my distress will make repeated concessions and forgive again and again. If you care too much, it is often the most likely to hurt you; always let you bully, often the one who loves you the most. Feelings are the slow running of the two hearts; getting along is the mutual resignation of the two. A heart, always reluctant to give up, knows how difficult it is to go all the way; a person who always waits silently, knows too much of the wind and rain and needs a lot of courage. The real feelings are to accompany you with your heart. It is true that you can take your heart to accompany your feelings. There may be more than one person in your heart, but there is only one in your heart. In fact, no one in this world belongs to anyone, only who will be with whom. There is a distance between people, and it depends on one point for one inch of love; both emotions and emotions are touched, all by one heart and another heart Because you care about it before you go to be willful

The person is more cheerful, there are also several places The unspeakable bleakness; the heart is strong again, and there are also a few dark injuries that are difficult to open. There is no tear in the tears, and the heart is the most painful; the hardest to say, the hardest. Dressed with invincible armor, covering the soft ribs that dare not touch; wearing a mask of intoxication, and hiding thousands of arrows in the intestines. In fact, people want to have a stop when they are weak, and they want to rely on when they are helpless. If someone can interpret sorrow, accompany you, and see through, you must be strong and strong. Everyone is eager, crying, someone comforts; tired, some people are dependent; bitter, some people hurt; for a long time, some people recall; far away, some people hold, but everyone understands, life, you must be busy; tears, want Rub yourself; wind and rain, you have to block yourself. Because you care if you care, you are willful

No one is wrong, but the angle of the station is not the same, the question of thinking is different, and life is not. When we are in trouble, we can change our minds, understand a little more, and be more tolerant. This is not a popular phrase recently: “If I treat you with your way of waiting for you, I am afraid you have already left.” Really understand this sentence! Suitable for any relationship! If you are me, what do you do?

The feelings of a lifetime are: No matter if you have money and no money, you will always be with you; no matter if you have no face, you will always be affectionate to you; no matter how difficult you are, always support you! How long does it take to be with you when you are happy, it is better to tell you enough when you are sad. Give you a glass of wine in the scenery, it is better to give you a hand when you are lonely. Who is really not true, the key is to see people’s hearts; to give you the true heart, don’t forget all your life; for those who don’t care for you, don’t think about it for a lifetime. Because you care if you care, you are willful