Because finding them now is very difficult? PepsiCo launches mobile, self-managed, washing machines, vending machines

It was caught this other day.

PepsiCo has teamed up with the University of California's University campus in Stockton, California to launch mobile vending machines that, according to PepsiCo,healthier"snacks to students using a smartphone app.

Looking for the startup video we see that "healthier"The snacks include Pure Leaf Lemon Flavor tea (with more than 10 teaspoons of sugar) and a collection of baked chips (which generally have fewer calories but are otherwise comparable to their salty brothers).

Because there is no doubt that it is difficult these days for college students in California to find unwanted food. I want to say before Snackbots, they really had to walk to buy some.

I wonder how much money the PepsiCo Pacific University earns in exchange for their students' nutrition, helping to market sugar and baked chips as "healthier";