Bad Halloween candy

These little Halloween candies that look at you from the bowl, little, bright colors and just jump with the sweet chocolate you know you love so much is very bad.

You know you want one, wait for one or two, but as you try just can not say no … or can you?

Halloween calories of candy

Halloween candy are some of the worst things you can eat.

  • It's small so you do not worry too much about calories (even if you eat 20),
  • is high in saturated fat,
  • and there is so much at this time that it is difficult to avoid.

In fact, it would be difficult to find an office building anywhere in America that does not have a few Halloween candy bowls around November 1st.

Bad Halloween candy

Here are the calories for some Halloween candies:

Nunchle's Crunch – Fun size 3 bars = 210 calories
Pistachio M & M – Fun Pack 2 bags = 80 calories
M & M's bags – fun packs 2 = 180 calories
Snicker's – Fun size 2 bars = 160 calories
Galaxy – Entertainment size 2 bars = 150 calories
Kit Kat – Fun size 2 bars = 100 calories
Chocolate Bar Hershey – Fun size 1 bar = 90 calories / 5 grams of fat
Reese Cup – 1 cup = 80 calories
Butterfinger – Fun size 1 bar = 100 calories
Twix – Fun size 1 bar = 80 calories
York Peppermint Pattie – 1 teaspoon = 70 calories
Twizzlers – 1 size treatment pkg = 45 calories
Almond Joy – 1 snack bar = 90 calories
Milk milk – 1 pack size of treatment = 40 calories
Butterfinger – 1 snack bar = 100 calories
Galaxy – 1 snack bar = 90 calories
SweetTarts – 1 size pkg treatment. = 50 calories
1 Tootsie Pop – 1 pop = 60 calories
1 tootsie roll – 1 small rolls = 13 calories

Note: The calorie content is based on 1 serving of afternoon snacks or packs of fun, not in full size portions found in the candy hall.

If you are not worried about all these extra calories next week that's fine, but if you want to avoid the Halloween candies and calories they offer here are some tips.

Bad Halloween candy

1. Change the way you think about the little halloween caramel.
Most of us will associate these candies with childhood and a carefree feeling instead of thinking of them as something that will increase your blood sugar and make you jump.

2. Eat properly so you can stay away from Halloween candy. If you keep yourself on the way to eating, then you avoid Halloween candy is easier because you will not get hungry.

3. Buy only the Halloween candy you do not like. What can be hard for someone to resist may not be too difficult for you to resist.

4. Decide what you are willing to eat ahead of time. Look at the list above, there are some good decisions you can make that will prevent you from doing this to win a vacation by eating the right Halloween candy. I'm a big fan of Rolls Tootsie and these are obviously okay to eat.

5. Just stay away. there is some power in the will not to eat the things we should not eat. You have some willpower and you can stay away from pleasures, it's just a week's holiday anyway, right?

Paul Kriegler from Life Time's weight loss team gives you some simple steps you can do at this Halloween job to avoid screaming on the scale:

Ditch the break room: Colleagues are famous this time of the year to bring pleasure to share during or even after the holidays (so do not eat them at home!). Do not fall for the temptations of freebies and instead, try to encourage more walking travels during your vacation. If you want to share, bring some seasonal apples and warm some almond butter with cinnamon for a nice dip.

Bad Halloween candyProcrastinate: If you are planning to give candy to the Halloween night, do not make this candy until the day or two before the event.

Be sure that food stores will have enough progress a day – maybe sell it – but also help you avoid eating or snacking at you.

Trick or treatment with your children: Halloween creates the opportunity for exercise and more steps!

Make a goal of how many homes you will visit and make sure everyone wears comfortable exercise shoes. Halloween can be one of the few holidays that encourages movement.

Skip the fun size: Spread the fun-sized candy bars and choose individual bits of a mixture of trails with nuts, raisins or dried fruits, cookies and a sprinkling of chocolate pieces for a protein snack, will help you adjust the buds without letting you feel deprived

Check the ingredients: Lifetime has just introduced a new application for your phone. App Healthy Pantry App helps detect artificial ingredients and common allergens in many packaged food and beverages by simply scanning the barcode of a food item to see specific information about its ingredients.

It's as easy as red, yellow and green! Practical Halloween scanning treats with your children to help them locate healthier Halloween choices.

Be a Healthy Party Developer: Do not use the excuse that Halloween gathers take your attention from your healthy lifestyle. Take up your halloween plans and transfer what dish.

Be advised to direct menu options to more full foods and fewer processed carbohydrates. Plan to bring one of the main dishes to ensure that everyone (including you!) Have a healthy, full-fledged choice.

If you do not want the hassle of planning, bring your family to any Lifetime location for Spooktacular – a healthy Halloween event. Children of all ages will enjoy games and activities, costume contests and more.

Do not drag the holidays … it's a long bout: Halloween is one day. have fun and enjoy a bit but get back to the next meal or the day. Do not justify an entire weekend just enjoy scarring or tight pants and low energy next week.