Baby sleeps badly – 94% of parents don’t know why

Since you have a baby, it’s not just busy, you don’t even have time to brush your Raiders.

Even how many mothers did not have a good night’s sleep.

Often experienced

Severe hardships

Baby, the baby does not sleep.

It’s hard, the baby is asleep.

Take a shower and start breaking.

In less than a moment, that thing started to cry again.

baby sleeps badly - 94% of parents don't know why

So what is the reason for the baby’s poor sleep?

Causes the baby to sleep

  1. Sleep demand

What is sleep demand? People’s daily sleep time is relatively fixed. The baby sleeps about 14 hours a day, but has slept for seven or eight hours during the day. In the evening, the baby will definitely sleep very late.

The amount of exercise also affects your baby’s sleep needs. The baby’s energy is limited. If the baby does not exercise or consume energy during the day, it is difficult to fall asleep when there is no venting at night.

2. Sleeping environment

The sleeping environment is also crucial for your baby’s sleep. The sleeping environment includes humidity, temperature, bed, quilt and so on. Especially the temperature, the baby develops fast, especially afraid of heat. The temperature is slightly higher and it is often sweaty. So adjust your baby to a comfortable environment

3. Work Management

Regular work management can make your baby form a biological clock. Let the baby go to sleep. So give your baby the right time to schedule an event and schedule ample activities. Try to play during the day, and don’t have to exercise vigorously at night.

4. Diet

Baby’s diet, when to eat, eating and drinking will also have an impact on your baby’s sleep.

5. Emotions

The mood of the baby and the mother is very important. Have a steady mood before going to bed. So don’t play too excited games with your children while you sleep.

6, when to fall asleep

Baby must have a relatively fixed bedtime. Not too early, too early, the number of babies is less than dawn. It can’t be too late, affecting the daytime work.

7, the way to sleep

How does the baby sleep when he sleeps, and he falls asleep by falling in love.

8, sleep ability

Baby sleep problems are relatively low.

 Baby sleeps badly - 94% of parents don't know why

Sleep ability There are three aspects:

The ability to resist interference

The ability to overcome external interference. Some babies can’t sleep without some wind and grass. Some will not,

Under the same environment, the baby with strong anti-interference ability will have fewer sleep problems.

The ability to control your body

Relax your body and adjust your body to a relaxed state. The baby can freely turn over and change posture while sleeping.

When you turn over or change your posture, you will wake up

Adjust your emotions

The baby can calm and adjust emotions. Let emotions go to a stable state

Baby sleeps badly - 94% of parents don't know why

Some problems that may be caused by insufficient sleep ability

When you have a little sound, you will wake up

It’s easier to wake up during the day and sleep more peacefully

Slightly moving and awakening the baby will wake up

Baby recognizes the bed to recognize the clothes

The seasonal changes will cause great fluctuations in the baby’s sleep. For example, the rainy season does not sleep well on sunny days, and sleeps in autumn.

baby sleeps badly - 94% of parents don't know why

Resistance and sensory ability

The anti-jamming ability of the baby to sleep is related to sensory ability.

To improve your baby’s ability to sleep, you need to improve your baby’s senses.

There are seven senses, visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, taste, balance, and spatial sense.

The influence of hearing, balance, touch, and space on your baby’s sleep maximum.