Avocado Spaghetti Tartine – 101 cooking books

Lunch on Monday was too long and dead simple. I found the avocado on toasted, old plates of sesame bread and started with a little rocket on the top. Added some asparagus stems with asparagus chopped off the wave beyond it, and the final touch? Few toasted pepitas. The boat is under-utilized, and I like the particular terrestrial nature that plays brilliant green asparagus here.

Avocado Asparagus Tartin Recipe

When buying asparagus, whether it is thick or thin, look for live, green asparagus, with structured stems. No soft patches or redness.

Avocado Asparagus Tartin Recipe

I rarely disturb the peeling of the asparagus, but I will cut the depths to get rid of the woody, tough base of the stems.
Avocado Asparagus Tartin RecipeAvocado Asparagus Tartin Recipe

These small open-face tarts took less than ten minutes to pull together and ended up being the epitome of spring. You can also cut each in 4 or 5 pieces, in triangles, for small parties / bites.